Why Mixer Grinder Wattage Is Important?

why mixer grinder wattage is important

An advanced mixer grinder with the help of different mixer grinder blades is useful for mixing, beating, blending, and whipping. So, now is the time to invest in the best mixer grinders to fulfill all your requirements in one mixer grinder only .

The majority of older mixer grinders had manual settings. However, as time passed, organizations began to adopt new technologies. Manufacturers consider customer demand and changing requirements. As a result, they are designing appliances that are modern and appealing to today’s consumers. You can now invest in the best mixer grinders that are inexpensive, simple to use, and will make your kitchen work easier.

When discussing mixer grinders, one frequently asked question is, “How many watts is required for a home mixer grinder?” ” The answer is that it is dependent on your requirements. And the long answer? To do so, we must consider the power of a mixer grinder, its grinding performance, and, of course, your needs.

Importance Of Watts In Mixer Grinder

The RPM of a mixer grinder indicates the number of turns the blade makes in one minute. Another feature to consider when selecting the best mixer grinder is its RPM. As a result, it represents the speed at which the blade can rotate in a minute. RPMs ranging from 18000 to 23000 RPMs are suitable for a home mixer grinder.

However, before purchasing a mixer grinder, it is essential to consider your needs. Don’t buy a mixer grinder with more wattage (and, of course, RPM) than you need. Higher wattage is beneficial for grinding tougher ingredients at a faster rate. Anything ranging from 500 W to 750 W is well suited for an Indian kitchen.

Power Of Mixer Grinder And Its Implications

The versatility of a mixer grinder has several implications. It denotes a mixer grinder’s ability to handle tough ingredients, the speed at which it can grind, and the load it can handle.

India’s most popular mixer grinder segment is 500-749 watts, followed by 750 watts. This is most likely because the 500-749 Watt segment is significantly less expensive than 750-watt mixer grinders. Few of the most popular mixer brands that come under the range of 500 W -750 W have been reviewed by us like Bosch, Prestige Iris, and Panasonic. And we can happily say all of these brands will fulfill all your requirements.

Regardless of power, almost all domestic mixer grinders have an RPM range of 17-23K without load. The RPM refers to how many times the blades rotate per minute. When you add the ingredients to the jar, the RPM decreases significantly because it must now overcome the resistance of the grinding ingredients. This is where the motor’s power comes into play.

Range Of Mixer Grinder Wattage For Home Use

Range Of Mixer Grinder Wattage For Home Use

1. 500 Watts

The mixer grinder machine with a power rating of up to 500 watts is considered an entry-level mixer grinder that is suitable for everyday use. Aside from energy savings, it is a perfect low-cost and affordable option. However, these are adequate for all of your routine mixings, grinding, and blending requirements.

2. 500-750 Watts

Those rated between 500 and 750 watts are the most popular mixer grinders in the category. And when it comes between choosing among these two there are many differences between 500 W and 750 W that needs to be consider . They are ideal for Indian kitchens and help us keep our entire kitchen running smoothly. Whether you want a mixer to make pickle powder, delicious chutneys, or vegetable soup, the mixer grinder in this range can do it all.

3. Above 750 Watts

These are industrial mixer grinders. Particularly, mixer grinders with 1200 watts or higher are suitable for commercial use, such as in hotels, restaurants, etc. If you want to buy a powerful masala mixer grinder for tough grinding of dry masalas, Haldi, or coconut in larger quantities, this is a good range to look at.

How Many Watts Mixer Grinder Is Good For Home?

If your needs are modest, a 500-watt mixer grinder will be enough. The basic model performs well in the majority of situations. However, if your budget allows, you can choose a high-end model with a power range of 500 to 750 watts.

It fulfills almost all of your daily cooking requirements and is the most popular range in Indian kitchens. If you want a heavy-duty mixer grinder for your home, you can get grinders above 750 watts and up to 1200 watts. Finally, those with more than 1200 watts are ideal for commercial use, such as in the food industry.


In this article, we’ve answered the most frequently asked question: which mixer is best for 500w, 750w, or 1000w? Again, the answer is in your intended usage. Write down your requirements and see how well the models in the first category meet them.

So, if you want a mixer grinder with good quality and reliability, durability, and grinding performance, go for one with a 750-watt motor. If you are willing to spend a little more, a 900 or 1000-watt mixer grinder will provide you with greater durability and even better-built quality.

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