Why Is Your Wet Grinder Not Grinding Properly ? How To Take Care Of Your Wet Grinder

Wet Grinder Not Grinding Properly

Wet grinding is essentially a process to prepare batter or a paste to cook South Indian dishes such as Kambu Dosa or Adai Dosa, a favourite of mine and whose recipe you can find on this website.

A wet grinder typically uses granite stones that rotate inside a metal drum with the help of an electric motor, and the food grains get crushed between the stone and the drum. If you’re yet to introduce this majestic piece of equipment in your kitchen, you might be missing out on a piece of key equipment to be able to make a variety of exquisite Indian food.

If you have bought one of the best wet grinders in the market and are already facing issues, here are our top recommendations if you happen to be looking for one right now. However, they can often misbehave and start causing trouble for many reasons.

Why Is Your Wet Grinder Not Grinding Properly?

1. Longer Grinding Time 

Well, there can be several reasons behind your wet grinder taking longer time to grind. One of the most common and significant causes of wet grinder malfunctioning is overloading the drum with excess ingredients and allowing low soaking time to grind everything properly. 

Significantly, a shift in electrical voltages also results in similar problems, leading your wet grinder to misbehave eventually. While these could be two of the most important causes behind wet grinder malfunctioning, another point to keep in mind: mishandling of the grinding drum may also result in longer grinding time. 

Therefore, the longer the time taken to grind indicates the poor quality of the machines that eventually leads to more electricity consumption, increased heat batter, and high grinding energy, ultimately resulting in an undesired taste of your favorite delicacies. 

2. Belt Is Not Working

People often face problems with their wet grinder motor belts not working properly. This usually occurs when the base is not cleaned properly, and one can easily notice black soot gathering at the bottom.

In case of such a situation, ensure that you unplug the grinder from the electrical source and keep it aside. It is suggested not to use the grinder while it’s empty and, similarly, don’t unlock the wet grinder while it’s still running. 

3. Wet Grinder Is Making Noise

Often people complain of their budget wet grinders making loud and weird noises. Although many people are unaware of its causes, everybody should learn how to tackle such situations by themselves at home at ease.

Now, coming back to why your wet grinder is making noises, it could be because of its incorrect wiper position. To avoid such situations, one can easily check and follow the steps available on the product guide or the internet to change and correct the wiper’s position properly. 

4. Other Causes Of Wet Grinder Not Working Properly

Other Causes Of Wet Grinder Not Working Properly

A. Shell Breakage

Grinder couplers usually connect the base of the blender to the jar. However, they usually get damaged or break off after years of using it. Also, using a grinder to grind frozen or hard ingredients regularly at high speeds can result in a similar situation.

Therefore, to avoid it, take notice of what you’re putting in and make sure not to put too much pressure on the grinder all at once, especially if you are using a table top wet grinder.

B. Locking And Unlocking Problem

This mainly happens due to the unclean roller holder assembly at the bottom. Hence, it is advised to clean the roller holder assembly thoroughly before use. Also, if you happen to be a novice user, it is advisable to learn how to use a wet grinder effectively to grind pastes and batters.

C. Motor Failure

This usually happens when there is no power supply or when there’s a possible loose connection wire cord, which ultimately results in motor failure.

D. Motor Heat And Sound

This mostly occurs when either the motor housing air vents are blocked, or there’s an external heat source. Therefore, you must use a dry cloth to clean up the air vents and keep the grinder away from external heat sources if such situations arise.

How To Take Care Of Your Wet Grinder?

Apart from conducting thorough research on ways to understand the problems that people usually face over time while using a wet grinder, it is equally important to learn about the tips and tricks to take care of your wet grinder properly. Let’s go through all the possible ways to maintain our wet grinder like a younger appliance. 

  • Make sure to clean the drum and the stone assembly before using the wet grinder.
  • While fixing the drum onto the grinder, make sure that you’re putting in gentle pressure to rotate it up until it’s fixed in its position.
  • Ensure that your wet grinder is dry all the time. 
  • Make sure that you pour in your ingredients in small quantities, adding them little by little at a time, to avoid putting a lot of pressure on the wet grinder.
  • Remember to put the grinder on an even surface to avoid unnecessary vibrations when turned on. 
  • When the roller assembly is not cleaned properly, the drum will smell, and the roller won’t rotate properly.


To conclude, while using a wet grinder, one must keep in mind that, like any other machine, it is also prone to certain problems if not taken properly care of. However, with all the pointers mentioned above and a little professional help when and if necessary, handling a wet grinder can become a lot easier and better. 

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