5 Best Uses of Chimney In Kitchen

Advantages of Using Kitchen Chimney At Home

We all need a beautiful kitchen which is free from the grease, steam, smells, fumes, muck, and other gases. The Indian dishes make use of a lot of spices, the Indian cuisine is know for its rich use of spices. Though the sound of spluttering tadka gives an attractive fragrance and taste at the same time, it leaves its imprint on the kitchen tiles and ceiling.

With the passage of time grime accumulates on the cabinets and over-the-counter appliances. While cooking delicious food is a task in itself, ensuring a clean kitchen is a daunting task.

A kitchen chimney or hood is a boon to one who loves cooking. The use of chimney in kitchen ensures that the kitchen is smoke free as it sucks the air which is later passed through a filter.

The filter absorbs the heat and traps the grease particles, removing fumes and odour and ventilates your kitchen keeping it fresh and odour free. More and more people are acquiring this large appliance for kitchen because of the various advantages it offers to them. There are different types of kitchen chimney available in market all providing different functions, you can select any one of them depending upon your needs.

Types Of Chimney Based On Installation

1. Ducting or extracting: In this the sucked in air passes through the filters wherein grease and grime stick to the filters and the air is expelled out through PVC pipes or a duct.

2. Recycling or ductless: This chimney has a fan/ blower and motor. The air first passes through the grease filter which traps grease particles and then through the charcoal filters which absorb the heat, smoke, and odours. The purified air is circulated back into the kitchen.

5 Best Benefits Of Kitchen Chimney

Let us explore the advantages of the Kitchen Chimney :

1. Protects The Precious Kitchen Tiles

Protects the Precious Kitchen Tiles

An electric or modular kitchen chimney is very useful in an Indian household since it will protect the kitchen tiles/ granite / stone and other material present in your kitchen from the sticky fumes. This sticky fume can make your kitchen look sticky and shabby.

Smoke is an enemy of your beautiful kitchen and the chimneys are designed to suck all the smoke instantly. The chimneys assist in making the kitchen remain smokeless and odour free. So, if you love cooking and want a new/ elegant kitchen, then the solution is a modular chimney.

2. Is A Friend Of Your Kitchen Walls

If you have not used a kitchen chimney in your kitchen then you will find that the walls and roof of the kitchen look dirty, sticky with many marks on them making them unattractive. This is because the unwanted smoke and the fumes from your cooking sticks to the walls and roof turning it black very soon.

A kitchen chimney prevents the roof as well as walls from turning black, courtesy its strong suction capacity which attracts all the fumes leaving the walls and roofs looking clean, without any spots on them. But at the same time one should clean the chimney filter every 25-30days.

3. Gifts Your House A Fresh Environment

The chimney immediately sucks the aroma and vapor of the food that is being cooked keeping the house free from all the cooking odours. This is because of the strong suction ability of chimneys thereby facilitating the removal of any kind of smell while cooking.

Many times when we cook something spicy the smell of the ingredients irritates the people and makes it difficult for them to relax. Hence the key to this problem is to install a chimney in your kitchen and have a fresh smelling house.

4. Looks Aesthetically Appealing

Looks Aesthetically Appealing

A kitchen chimney saves you from sneezing as well as from making the kitchen walls dirty. At the same time it also makes your kitchen look artistically pleasing. The colour of chimney can be matched with the colour of the modular kitchen to make it more attractive. The look and feel of your kitchen changes significantly after the installation of the modular kitchen chimney.

5. Prevents Sneezing

When we cook food especially Indian food we use a lot of spices having strong aroma. The whiff of some spices like red chilies/ pepper / curry leaves makes you sneeze a lot while preparing a particular dish. But, this factor can be removed by installing a modular or electric chimney in your kitchen.

The high suction capacity of these chimneys makes your home free from the choking aroma of the spices and thus save you from sneezing.


Since Indian cooking is all about spices and tadkas it is very important that you install a kitchen chimney at your home as there are so many benefits of chimney in kitchen, you can choose the best kitchen chimney from a variety of chimneys available in the market depending upon your needs. All the types of chimney are easy to install and are good for our health as well as they provide fresh, pure air for inhalation and are most ideal for allergic and asthmatic patients.

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