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What are the different types of chimneys in India

The industrial chimneys can be dated back to the Romans. It is only in the 12th century that domestic chimneys became a thing that eventually led to more frequent utilization of chimneys in the 16th-17th century. Since then, chimneys have come a long way from old architectural ventilation machines to modern day electric kitchen chimneys. We all know how chaotic an Indian kitchen is and how the Indian cooking revolves around spices, oil, frying, etc.

This is the only reason we usually find oil splatter stains on the walls and the aroma of food in the kitchen. Delicious Indian food surely comes with a heavy price and that is a slightly dirty-looking kitchen. Due to this installing a chimney in your house, especially in kitchen, offers several advantages. Particularly these days, with health and safety being extremely important, chimneys have become a must-have. With a variety of chimneys available to choose from, finding one that best suits your requirements is no easy task. we have shortlisted different types of chimney available in India to make things a bit easier for you.

Types Chinmey For Kitchen

Under Cabinet Chimneys

You might come across several types of chimneys for kitchen; however, nothing compares to the good old under-cabinet chimneys that you can easily find in a lot of households around you. This is one of the most simple and durable variety of chimneys available. These chimneys are generally installed under your cabinet and directly above your cooktop and helps in taking-in all the fumes directly.

Under-cabinet chimneys, in spite of having a lot of benefits, has few disadvantages as well. These chimneys are believed to be less effective against air filtration. Moreover, the under-cabinet chimneys also require a lot of maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis. It is recommended to use warm soapy water for getting rid of the accumulated grime and dirt on your Under-cabinet chimneys. Although these chimneys have few shortcomings, this setup remains the top pick for Indian homes.


  • Very durable
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for all kinds of kitchen


  • Requires a lot of maintenance
  • less effective against air filtration

Wall Mounted Chimneys

Wall mounted chimneys are considered to be extraordinary as these can also work as under-cabinet chimneys. These chimneys are usually mounted in kitchen walls hence, the name. Wall mounted chimneys come in different shapes and give a decent solution to ventilation issues of a kitchen. Different shapes in which a wall mounted chimney is available are triangular and pyramid shapes.

These chimneys have a prolonged lifespan as they are fitted about 25-34″ above your cooktop. A wall mounted chimney functions by taking up all the fumes and venting it out thought the back wall or back of the house. Their premium performance can be attributed to their higher share of prevalence among the best chimneys in India.

Another fascinating point about these chimneys are that since they are way too fashionable, they increase your home resale value. This might help if you are planning to move out in a few years or so. However, if you have a small kitchen these chimneys may not be the best suited for you.


  • Suitable for all kinds of kitchen
  • Affordable
  • Available in different sizes


  • Installation is possible only on wall

Island Mounted Chimneys

An island mounted chimney contributes to the food performance and outlook of your home if your cooktop is located somewhere around the center of the kitchen. These chimneys are considered the best for homes having a good amount of space for ductwork in the ceiling. an island mounted chimney does not require to be mounted on a wall and demands more CFM as compared to under cabinet and wall mounter chimneys.

Nevertheless, these chimneys are slightly more efficient adds an exquisite look to the kitchen. If you have a house with pre-installed venting network, these chimneys are ideal for you. Since it is built for island cooktops or large open kitchens, the extraction capacity of island mounted chimney is far better than the other types.

It is always advised to equip this chimney with an air exhaust system and an air exhaust pipe. There is also a possibility that people may face mechanical issues due to installation mishaps. Hence, it is strictly advised to people that they must follow instructions from manual religiously for a good experience.


  • Best for 4 to 6 burner gas stove
  • Has high suction capacity
  • Comes in variety of sizes and styles


  • Very expensive, the range is usually between 30,000 Rs to 65000 Rs

Types of Chimneys Based On Ductwork

Kitchen chimneys can be broadly classified into 2 types based on functionality: Ducted and Ductless kitchen chimney both are good depending upon your requirement you can choose the best one for your kitchen.

Ducted Kitchen Chimneys

Ducted kitchen chimneys are named so because they help in the channelling out of heat, smoke, gases and other similar substances through an aluminium or PVC pipe. In order to carry away the airborne particles from kitchen to the outdoors, a ducted chimney must be connected to a duct with pipes. These chimneys are generally vented outside your homes.

Ducted chimneys are best suited if you have a gas cooktop and do not have the option to leave a window open or ajar while cooking. Filters that a ducted chimney is fitted with can be either cassette or baffle filters. These chimneys are considered to be of low maintenance, easy to use, and high suction power. Ducted chimneys are pretty common in commercial kitchens

Ductless / Recirculating Kitchen Chimneys

Ductless kitchen chimneys recirculate the smoke, heat, grease particles and other particulate matter absorbed in the beginning and works opposite to a ducted kitchen chimney. These chimneys absorb the smoke, water vapor, toxic particles present in the air into its mouth and release back refined and fresh air into the atmosphere of the house.

The particulates are absorbed by filters, particularly Carbon(charcoal) filter along with the cassette or baffle filter, and are refined and released as fresh air. Carbon filters are considered the best for removing any kind of foul smell. Ductless chimneys do not interfere with the interior of the kitchen.

Ductless kitchen chimneys are said to have a greater prevalence in domestic kitchens as their installation is very easy and simple. Some users even install the chimney by themselves. These chimneys are best suited for vegetarian families.

Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide

1. Size of Your Cooktop

The size or height between the chimney and cooktop is very essential for ensuring the performance and efficiency of the chimney. The ideal height should range in between 24 inches to 30 inches for avoiding any consequences. A shorter length cooktop might possess a risk that the chimney will catch fire. On the other hand, if the size is too high then the chimney will suck dirt alongside fresh air. The distance of the cooktop should be maintained the same irrespective of the type of cooktop you have.

2. Location Of Your Cooktop

The position of your cooktop impacts greatly on the chimney installation of your house. A longer duct is required if your cooktop/stove is located nearer to the sidewalls of the kitchen. Such a situation may also lessen the suction capacity of the chimney resulting in the inefficiency of its operation. However, if the cooktop is located nearer to the kitchen’s outer wall, it saves a lot of installation cost. This is because in this case the air can travel with high efficiency and minimum obstruction. But it is not possible in case of a chimney that has a high suction power.

3. Cost of Ductwork

The cost of ductwork is a significant fact to consider while selecting kitchen chimney types for your home. Installing a ducted kitchen chimney demands a pre-installed venting network that opens outside your house. This skyrockets the cost of your installation. Whereas, if we talk about ductless chimneys, the installation is quite easier than the ducted chimneys. The ductless hoods do not require a pre-installed network. Moreover, people install these chimneys by themselves that makes it way more pocket friendly than the ducted ones. But ductless chimneys require replacement every year.

4. Budget

The design of your chimney and its installation can be a costly affair. All that you require is to have an in-depth understanding about the various styles of chimneys and select that fits your budget. Redesigning a pre-installed chimney is more feasible than buying the whole system. The starting price of kitchen chimneys in India starts from Rs.4000. The cost can vary as per the size of the chimney. A lot of manufacturers are known to offer free installation services to their customers. Nevertheless, you should always check the budget and installation cost before selecting types of kitchen chimneys.

How To Clean Your Kitchen Chimney

Cleaning and maintaining your chimney on daily basis will ensure your chimney last longer. Here are a few tips on how you can clean your kitchen chimney

  • There are various ways in which you can clean your exterior of kitchen chimney such as you can use normal dishwasher soap, baking soda, or vinegar. Cleaning your exterior of chimney will make sure that you get rid of oily or greasy particles on your chimney.
  • Along with exterior, cleaning of filter is also important, you can soak the filter in the solution of soap and water for few minutes and then scrub the filter gently. Some of the filters can be washed in dishwasher too so do check if your filter can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • If your chimney has auto clean function then you can even use it.

Final Words

Chimneys have become an absolute necessity for our homes these days, keeping the increasing health issues in mind. However, it is quite underappreciated as to how important it is to ensure your family’s safety. A chimney functions to filter out unwanted fumes and particulate matters from the atmosphere alongside preventing the inhalation of particles that are partially combusted.

Almost all different types of chimney serve the purpose of ventilation. Moreover, along with looking for brands and models for your chimneys, paying attention to the installation is also recommended. Pick the right type of kitchen chimney for your homes only after considering all factors and exploring all types of varieties and brands.

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