Microwave Oven Power Consumption In India

Microwave Oven Power Consumption In India

Most kitchens have a microwave because they have so many advantages like they quickly heat or reheat our favorite foods. While many people rely on their microwave to cook, you might be surprised at how quickly it consumes energy. There are different types of microwave ovens available for reheating, grilling, and even baking. Microwave ovens are useful for cooking a variety of recipes and foods such as popcorn, chicken grills, kebabs, pizza, muffins, and even reheating frozen food. It cooks quickly, saving both time and energy.

Microwave ovens have power settings; the higher the voltage, the more efficient and faster the oven. Consider a more powerful microwave if you frequently prepare heavy foods or large quantities for a large family. If you’re only cooking for one or two people, a less powerful microwave will suffice. You can use our microwave oven selector to find the perfect microwave oven.

Any microwave store will have a variety of wattage. Smaller models in the 500-800 watt range are popular. While 900 or 1000 watts is already quite powerful, other home models go all the way up to 1500 watts, particularly in bulkier options such as drawer microwaves. Less watts, on the other hand, may simply mean more cooking time.

Range Of Microwave Oven Wattage

Range Of Microwave Oven Wattage

Since microwaves come in a variety of wattages, it makes sense to select your next microwave based on your needs. However, it’s critical to ensure that your microwave can withstand whatever you’re likely to throw at it. Your goal is to find a microwave that is powerful enough to cook your food without wasting energy.

1. 600 – 800 Watts

The most affordable microwaves on the market typically range between 600 and 800 watts. These microwaves can cook instant meals, heat small foods, and reheat drinks. Most microwaveable foods provide cooking instructions for 800-watt microwaves, so any less and you’ll spend more time cooking your food.

2. 800 -1000 Watts

This is the most expensive microwave available. Water boils quickly, raw food is thoroughly cooked, and popcorn pops in no time. Most microwaves in this price range have many settings to avoid accidentally burning your food.

3.1000-1200 Watts

Microwaves that exceed 1000 watts are closer to ovens than traditional microwaves. Ovens available in market for these ranges typically range higher. You can even safely cook raw meats in these microwaves with the proper preparation techniques. However, it’s a little too powerful for microwave dinners or reheating a drink.

Estimate Your Microwave Power Consumption

It takes some calculations to determine how much energy your microwave consumes at any given time. First, determine the wattage of your microwave. This is usually found on a sticker on the back of your microwave.

The wattage is then used to calculate how many kilowatt-hours your microwave consumes in an hour. If your microwave is 1200 watts, it uses 1.2 kilowatt (kW) per hour.
After knowing how much energy your microwave consumes in an hour, multiply it by the time it is on. For example, if your 1200-watt microwave runs for 5 minutes, that equals one-twelfth of an hour. The time your microwave runs is then multiplied by the number of kilowatt-hours it consumes.

1 hour = 1kW of energy used
5 minutes = 1/12th of an hour
1.2kW x 1/12th = .0997kWh

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Microwave?

The power of a microwave is measured in watts, which influences how much energy it consumes and how much it costs however, the more powerful the appliance, the quicker it will cook your food. Microwaves in the home typically range in power from 700 to 1,200 watts. A 700-watt model would use 0.7 kWh, while a 1,200-watt model would use 1.2kWh.

The average cost of energy is currently 21p per kWh for electricity, but the exact cost depends on the tariff you’re on. So running a microwave costs between 21p and 25p per hour. According to Uswitch’s analysis of smart meters, the cost is also around 21p per hour.

Of course, it’s unlikely that you’d use a microwave oven for that long at once. However, if you added that up over the week – just over 8 minutes per day – you would spend between £10.92 and £13 per year. The exact cost of running a microwave depends on how often you use it, the model you have, and how much you pay for electricity.

Examples Of Microwave Power Consumption

Potato5 minutesRs 0.92
Frozen Meat Pie3 minutesRs 0.55
Microwable Meal7 minutesRs 1.28
Softening Butter5 secondsRs 0.01
Reheating Leftover Spaghetti4 minutesRs 0.73

The figures above are for an 1100 watt microwave oven, and your electricity bill is Rs 10 per kWh.


Wattage is an unavoidable consideration when purchasing a microwave. Understanding how watts work and why they matter is essential for purchasing a microwave that meets your needs. I hope this guide has helped you clearly understand watts and electricity. If you’re looking for a new microwave, take a look at our related articles. We specifically review units to ensure that they are worthwhile to purchase.

I hope this information was useful to you. We have written this article so that you can make appliance decisions without spending any money. Our readers are our sole source of funding. Please consider supporting us by reading some of our related articles!

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