How To Whip Cream in Mixer Grinder

How To Whip Cream in Mixer Grinder

Whipped cream is an absolute delicacy that elevates your favorite food/ snack to the next level. It can be found in canister packages, but the one freshly made at home has life in taste. However, some of us don’t have whipping machines in our kitchens. But will it stop us from making our own whipped cream? Of course not! Alternatively, you can manually whip the cream or whip it in a mixer grinder. 

So in this article, we will discuss how to whip cream in mixer grinder along with the benefits of whipped cream. Keep reading to know more. 

What Is Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream is made from heavy liquid cream that has been whisked until light and fluffy. Whipped cream is usually made using a high quality electric mixer, a whisk, or a fork. Whipped cream is usually sweetened and flavored with vanilla. It is a very light and smooth topping that adds a lot of flavor to many foods and beverages, such as cake’s icing, a spread for pies, ice-cream, waffles, fruit salads, hot chocolate, coffee, and other sweet drinks. Now that you know what whipped cream is, let us proceed with the benefits of whipped cream and how to make whipped cream in mixer grinder.

Do Mixer Grinder Have Whip Option?

Most of the latest mixer grinder have the whip button in mixer. The blade will vigorously beat the ingredient into a thick cream. And if you don’t have the whip option you can still use your grinder to whip cream by just following our guide. 

Which Blade And Jar Is Used For Whipping Cream?

You need to use the biggest jar and blade for whipping cream. Since a bigger jar will allow the cream to aerate while whipping. And make sure you whip your cream at the highest speed so that you get a thick consistency.

Health Benefits of Whipped Cream

Health Benefits of Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is not just another add-on to your favorite dessert or sweet drinks. This sweet topping comes with ample health benefits that very few people know about. Here’s the list of some of the fantastic health benefits of whipped cream:

1. Excellent Energy Booster

Whipped cream has some excellent health benefits. Because of the high-calorie content of whipped cream, it is an excellent energy booster. Whipped cream contains up to 455 kcal in calories, and adding some to your favorite dessert or drink can instantly boost your energy. It makes the treat delicious and refreshing, and a beneficial source of instant energy for the body.

2. Promotes Healthy Bones 

Whipped cream is high in calcium and vitamin K, which are essential for bone health. And since whipped cream contains enough calcium and vitamin K2, it lowers the potential risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture. This incredible vitamin and mineral combined effect in whipped cream may also be beneficial to tooth enamel and gum health.

3. Reduce The Risk Of Kidney Stones

According to studies, whipped cream is an effective preventive measure for kidney stones, like other dairy products. However, in addition to having a high calcium content, whipped cream also has a high sodium concentration, which may be harmful to those who have been affected by a certain kidney condition. As a result, it is advised to consume in moderation in certain circumstances.

4. Promotes Skin and Hair Health

Whipped cream has ample vitamin A, C, and E in it. These compounds are beneficial to scalp and hair and specific skin ailments and improve texture and general quality. Whipped cream replenishes the skin, giving it a natural shine, as well as making your skin and hair smoother, glossier, and glowing. However, if you consume non-dairy whipped cream, you are less likely to reap the same benefits.

5. Natural Immunity Booster 

As we already know, Whipped cream contains enough Vitamin A to effectively help combat any infections by generating the antigen’s opposite compound. Furthermore, the vitamin C content in whipped cream (while not particularly high) is sufficient to help you defend your body from infections by boosting your immunity. Both vitamins work together to protect against the harmful impacts of severe infections and health issues and are very useful for your body.

Whipped Cream Nutrition Facts

Whipping Cream
Serving Size: 1 cup

Energy455 kcal
Calories455 kcal
Calories from fats400.5 kcal
Protein5.61 g – 11.22%
Total Fat44.5 g – 127.14%
Carbohydrate10.65 g – 8.19%
Total sugar7.84 g
Vitamin C2.1 mg – 2.33%
Vitamin A285 µg – 40.71%
Vitamin E0.87 mg – 5.8%
Vitamin K3.4 µg – 2.83%
Calcium232 mg – 23.2%
Iron0.16 mg – 2%
Magnesium23 mg – 5.48%
Sodium71 mg – 4.73%
Total Saturated fat23.32 g
Total Monounsaturated Fat10.56 g
Total Polyunsaturated Fat1.84 g

How To Make Whipped Cream in Mixer Grinder

Above we have informed you about everything you need to know about whipped cream when it comes to its nutritional facts and benefits. We will now be informing you how to whip cream in mixer grinder easily.


When learning how to whip cream in mixer grinder, you need to know that whip cream is made from 3 ingredients. It’s as easy and straightforward to make as it looks. You can get creamy and fluffy whipped cream every time just by using these three ingredients


Just like the ingredients, you don’t need any equipment either. All the equipment you need are:

  • Bowl
  • Spatula or spoon
  • A mixer grinder

Learning how to whip cream in mixer grinder can be intimidating to whip to a perfect fluffy whipped cream. But it’s not as hard as it seems if you use the right techniques. But the most crucial part is, some of us don’t have the whipping machine at home. In that case, you can use a juicer mixer grinder for whipping your heavy cream. Any mixer juicer grinder within your budget can be used. So follow the steps to get nice and fluffy cream every time.

Step 1. To begin, chill the mixer grinder. Before beginning the process, place the jar in the freezer for an hour. Keep the whipping cream bowl and the jar together. For the best and longest-lasting fluffy results, always use everything cold.

Step 2. Remember that the jar should have enough space for the cream to emulsify. So, use the largest jar and a small amount at a time. With rotation, the cream begins to absorb air and become fluffy, taking up more space and increase in quantity. So it’s essential to make room for the cream.

Step 3. Begin whipping the cream again at medium speed. After a few minutes, your cream will begin to bubble and froth. Then, add sugar and vanilla extract for flavor and continue whipping the cream for another 4-5 minutes until it reaches the soft plop stage. Increase the speed to medium-high and keep it there until soft peaks form. To create medium or stiff peaks, reduce the speed slightly.

Step 4. If your whipped cream cannot hold to the whisk at this point, it means you need to whisk it for a little longer. Continue to test the texture until it reaches the desired consistency.

Step 5. Keep in mind not to over-whip the cream. You can now serve the whipped cream immediately or place it in the freezer to chill before serving. You can also add some color for more fun.

Why Is Whipping Cream Not Whipping In Mixer Grinder?

If your cream is not whipping in mixer grinder even after following the proper steps on how to whip cream in mixer grinder then there could be some other reasons like

  • Your mixer jar is warm
  • You are whipping at low speed
  • You are whipping the cream for short duration or for longer duration
  • You should always use heavy cream or whipped cream for whipping. Using low fat cream or any other cream will not yield the right results
  • You are not adding the sweetener at the right time. If you add the sweetener early then the cream will not become thick. You must add the sweetener when the friction in blender stops and cream begins to gain some thickness


Nothing should deter you from trying whipped cream as a lip-smacking topping. Furthermore, it is high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, making it effective in lowering the risks of heart disease, diabetes, and various other health issues. Try making it at home by following the above steps.

The only thing that is concerning about whipped cream is its high caloric content. As a result, you should always be cautious about consuming it in moderation to reap only its health benefits.


Heavy whipping cream is high in calories, and it is also high in healthy fats and a range of minerals and vitamins. It’s commonly used in tiny portions, such as in coffee or desserts that require a bit of creamy texture, so it’s unlikely to add many calories to your diet. If you are not lactose intolerant, use heavy whipped cream in moderation. It can become a nutritious part of your diet.

Yes, whipping cream in a good food processor is possible. If you don’t have an electronic whipping machine, this is one of the simplest ways to whip cream in a food processor. This method takes about a minute and can be used to make large or small batches. Simply pour cold whipping cream into a food processor, together with sugar or flavorings like vanilla, and whisk for a minute or two, or until the desired consistency is obtained.

Whipping cream by hand takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Although patience is required to achieve the desired result, it is well worth it. Chill your whipping cream in a cold bowl before beginning to whisk it. Once chilled, whip the cream back and forth with a whisk until light and fluffy. However, if the cream is not chilled, it may immediately collapse.

Since whipping cream requires room to form a soft peak, use a large jar to whip the cream efficiently. The large jar will always provide enough space for the cream to emulsify while whipping. Although the size of the jar and the blade will vary depending on the model and brand, it is always best to use the large jar and the blade that comes with it for the best results.

The soft and fluffy texture indicates the stable foam mixture, which is composed of milk fat and tiny air pockets. There is always the risk of over whipping the cream. When this occurs, the fat molecules in the cream become too close together, resulting in lumps and a seedy texture in the whipped cream. If the cream appears to have large lumps, begin with fresh cream as it can’t be recovered.

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