How To Make Roti In Roti Maker

How To Make Roti In Roti Maker

One of the toughest tasks that an Indian woman faces in the kitchen is making rotis. This staple food of many Indian homes takes a long time to make. Many preparations have to be made. At times some women may struggle to make the perfect roti.

But these are things of the past. Now it is very much possible to make soft and round rotis. All that you need is a good quality chapati maker. It is very easy to make perfect rotis using this roti maker.

How To Make Dough For Roti Maker?

Knead the dough for roti is the very first step. In the case of a roti maker, you must always use the fresh dough. Avoid using the dough that you have stored in the fridge. This dough will not give you soft chappati.

You also need to remember 2 more important things, first of all, make sure that the dough that you knead is very soft. Secondly, you should not use the dough immediately. You have to rest the dough for at least half an hour, and then you must use it for making rotis in the roti maker.

Whether you are checking how to make phulka? Or you want to know the art of making yummy rotis. The first thing you have to do is perfectly knead the dough. You have to follow the above instructions properly if you want to get the best soft chappatis.

To make the dough, you will need flour, water, a little salt for taste and vegetable oil or butter. In a bowl, mix the flour and salt. Now you have to add a small quantity of vegetable oil or melted butter. Mix well. To this mixture, add a little water and mix well. Keep adding the water little by little and keep mixing. You have to continue doing this till there is no dry flour in the bowl. Now just apply a little oil or butter to your hand and knead the dough well. Continue kneading the dough for about 5 minutes. Now cover the dough with a wet cloth and let it rest for some time.

The para above showed you how to make dough for roti maker. The next part of this article will show you how to use the roti maker to make circular, soft and fluffy rotis.

How To Make Roti In Roti Maker?

First of all, you have to make equal balls of the dough that you have kneaded. Next, you have to switch on the roti maker. You have to allow the roti maker to heat for some time. Only when the indicator light shows that the roti maker is ready to make to rotis, you must start making the chapatis. Let us proceed to learn how to make Chapati in Roti Maker.

  1. Place the roti-maker on a table or any flat surface which can manage the heat & pressure applied to the Roti Maker.
  2. Switch on the Roti Maker by plugging it to 3-pin socket board.
  3. Place the kneaded and dry wheat flour in separate utensils on the table next to the roti-maker.
  4. Take some portion of the kneaded dough into the palm. Form round balls out of the dough using your both palm.
  5. Once you have formed round balls, place those balls in dry flour so that the upper surface of the balls gets completely packed in dry flour.
  6. Press lightly the patty to make it in  flat circle shape & Apply the dry flour on all sides of the patty.
  7. Place the patty on the roti maker & close the lid of the Roti Maker.
  8. Apply little pressure on the lid to press the patty.
  9. Keep holding the lid with pressure, bring in the other lever towards the closed lid and press it for few seconds.
  10. Remove the lever. Lift the the lid.
  11. Turn the roti to the other side.Wait for few seconds.
  12. The roti blows up and flips out of the roti maker. This is the indication that the roti is fully done and cooked. Take it away from the roti maker.

Now that your roti maker and your dough balls are ready next, we have to see how to make roti? For this, you have to take the dough ball. You must dust it with a little dry flour. Place this ball on the upper side of the roti maker. Next, with the help of the handle, you have to close the roti maker.

After this, you have to press the handle hard. You have to hold it in this position and keep pressing the roti for about one to two seconds. Now open the handle. You will find that there is a perfect round shaped roti. Next, you have to cook it correctly.

Let the roti cook on one side for about 15 to 20 seconds. Now you have to turn the roti. Let it cook on the other side, also for around 15 to 20 seconds. You will see bubbles are formed inside the roti.

Now close the lid of the roti maker. You will find that the chapati will slide outside. It will get completely cooked, and then it will slide outside the roti maker. Make all the other rotis similarly and then put it inside a container.

By using the roti maker, you will cook regular roti’s, if you want to cook something like a tandoori roti or another different kind of roti with fillings, it would be better to buy an electric tandoor for home use.

Soft Chapati Making Tips

Perfect roti is one that is not just round but one that is soft. But the biggest dilemma that women face is how to make soft chapati. Here are some tips that you must follow. This will help you make the soft rotis.

First of all, make sure that you make use of flour that is made from the best quality grain. The flour also needs to have a fine texture. Only this type of flour will help you in making soft rotis.

Some of you tend to keep the dough hard. Now, this is the biggest mistake that you can make. You always have to make soft dough for rotis. If you are going to make use of a roti maker for making the rotis, then the dough has to be softer as compared to the normal dough you use to make roti using a rolling pin.

You must never make use of stale dough. Some people tend to make the dough at night and keep it in the fridge overnight. They then make use of the stale dough for making rotis. If you too are doing this, then you can never get soft rotis. I made a separate blog on how to make roti soft you can check it here.

It is equally important that you rest the dough after kneading the dough. If you use the dough immediately, then the chappatis or phulkas will turn out to be hard. When you rest the dough, you will get rotis that have a good texture, and quality and the rotis will also be very soft.

You also have to cook the rotis perfectly. If you overcook the chappatis, then they will become hard. It is also important that the roti puffs when you cook the rotis. Puffed Rotis will remain soft for a long time. When you make use of a good quality roti maker, then it is very easy to get puffed rotis.

Once all the rotis are ready, you have to cover them in a foil paper immediately. You can also wrap them in a clean, dry cloth and place it in a container. This will also help to keep the rotis soft. If you leave the rotis open for a long time, then they will become hard.

As far as possible, eat rotis when they are fresh. If you eat stale rotis or rotis that have been stored in the fridge, then they are bound to be hard.

It is very easy to use a roti maker, and cleaning it is also not difficult. After you have finished making the rotis, just switch off the main switch, unplug the roti maker and let the roti maker cool down. Once the roti makers have cooled down, then clean the metal plates of the roti maker with a clean, dry cloth and put it back in the drawer.


Most Indian families cannot imagine their meals without the perfect soft chapati or phulka. Roti making is not at all a difficult task if you have a roti maker at home. Not just you, but even your husband or any of your family members can make the best rotis using a roti maker. All that you need is a good quality roti maker. Using this roti maker, you can make good quality, soft, and round rotis very fast.

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