Difference Between Hob and Gas Stove

Difference between Hob and Gas Stove

A gas stove or cooktop is the most essential appliance, without which one cannot cook. It is usually a one-time investment purchase that is used in the long run and so making smart decisions while buying a stove or cooktop becomes extremely important. Not having the right information can result in you opting for the wrong stove, which will only result in losses in the long run.

With the help of thorough research and the right guidance, you can understand the difference between hob and gas stove, and choose the one that’s right for your kitchen and your home!

What Is Hob?

So before we get into the difference between hob and stove, let’s first understand what each is. The gas hob is a modified gas stove that has a different function and design pattern.

The best hobs in the market come with a set of modern features and designs that traditional gas stoves lack. Even though the working is more or less the same when compared to a gas stove, a gas hob usually has a more elegant and stylish design.

Its con is that they require extra care while using and cleaning because the body and the countertop are at the same level. Spilling any liquid into the burner can damage the gas hob completely.

How To Maintain Your Kitchen Hob

  1. Always use a microfiber towel or sponge to clean your kitchen hob. Do not use a steel scrubber as it will cause scratches on your hob. 
  2. For any food spills, wipe it with wet cloth immediately so that the spills don’t dry on the surface. 
  3. Call the hob service person once in couple of months to clean the entire inside unit. 

What is Gas Stove?

What is Gas Stove

A gas stove (manual or auto ignition) is a kitchen appliance that uses combustible gas for cooking. One of the biggest pros of a gas stove is the safety feature. Most top Gas stoves have an elevated design that keeps the stove at a distance from the platform.

A gas hob is in direct contact with the platform, and in case of tampering by accident- there can be large flames that are dangerous.

Moreover, gas stoves are easy to clean when compared to gas hobs because of the distance between the platform and the stove. Another advantage of using a gas stove over a hob is the installation process. Even the best and most complex auto ignition gas stoves are easier to install than gas hobs since, the pipelines need to be hidden when installing a gas hob.

In terms of appearance, gas stoves fall short in comparison to gas hobs. Gas hobs look classy since the electric wires and pipes are concealed. Moreover, the way gas hobs are fitted gives an overall clean and sleek look to the kitchen, which a gas stove cannot provide.

How To Maintain Your Gas Stove

  1. You can wipe down your gas stove daily using dish soap or vinegar solution
  2.  If you have gas stove with grate then you can soak and scrub your grate once a month with a mild cleaning solution.
  3. At least twice a month completely separate all the gas stove pieces and scrub them.
  4. Remember not to pour water directly onto the gas stove because it can get into the burner and cause problems.

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Hob vs Gas Stove: The Real Difference

1. Design

A gas hob is fitted into your kitchen platform, and all the kitchen pipelines and wires are concealed below it. The body of a kitchen gas hob is made of materials such as stainless steel or ceramic, whereas brass is usually used for the burners. The built-in nature of gas hobs gives a seamless appearance to the kitchen counter and ensures that it looks aesthetically pleasing overall.

Some of the most traditional and best gas stoves use stainless steel as their main component. These cooktops come with elevated legs/stand that makes it them easy to clean, monitor and move around. However, since the gas pipelines can be seen, they do not look as good as gas hobs.

2. Functions

The difference between gas stove and hob in terms of functions is vast. As hobs come with a range of functionalities. They provide gas and electric varieties of knobs and controls, as well as features such as sensors and alarms.

They also come with multi-flame options that help maintain an optimum temperature for cooking and ensure that your food is cooked uniformly. The only drawback of a gas hob in terms of functionality is that it gives out very low flames, due to being adjusted according to European standards.

Gas stoves are convenient, but do not have the same range of functionality that a gas hob can provide. It does not come with built-in features such as sensors, alarms, and heat control. You need to ensure everything manually.

3. Installation Process

Gas hobs have a very complex installation process. To fit the gas hob into the countertop, a slab of the top has to be cut out and things like the wiring and piping also need to be adjusted. It is a time-taking process that needs professionals.

Gas stoves are easy to install. Since they are externally present, the need to cut off the countertop and adjust the wiring is eliminated. Installing a gas stove can be done without professional help as you all need to do is connect the gas pipes to the stove. If you are confused about how to do this, you can read our article ‘How To Connect Gas Pipe to Stove in India.’

4. Safety

When looking at a hob vs stove, in terms of safety- gas hobs are usually the less safer alternative. Gas hobs are fitted into the platform, and if you accidentally tamper with the controls or knobs, the resultant flame can be extremely dangerous.

Gas stoves are safer when compared to gas hobs in the kitchen. This is because gas stoves usually have knobs that require a certain amount of pressure to turn on. Therefore, the chances of the knob being accidentally turned on by slipping are almost nil.

Moreover, gas stoves do not come in contact with the platform directly, and so are usually not in contact with anything dangerous or inflammable.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance

Gas hobs are usually more difficult to clean. They require a higher level of maintenance as well as routine cleaning since they are fitted into the countertop. They cannot be removed, and so the only way to clean them is externally using a damp cloth or gentle cleansers.

Moreover, gas hobs usually have ceramic surfaces which can be damaged by even slight scratches. Gas stoves are comparatively much easier to clean. Since they are not fitted, all the individual parts can be cleaned separately. In case of any spillage or such accident, one can clean the stove by moving it aside.

6. Price

Gas hobs are on the costlier side when compared to traditional gas stoves because they offer more in terms of their design, appearance, quality, and features. However, in some cases, the price is justified for the amount of features it provides.

The traditional gas stove is a more pocket-friendly option in comparison to gas hobs. However, the price of both gas hobs and gas stoves depends on the amount of burners it provides.

Comparison Table : Hob Vs Gas Stove

ParameterHobGas Stove
DesignSimple and aesthetic appearanceNormal model with elevated legs
Ignition TypeGas or electricGas
Addtional FeaturesComes with sensors, alarms and, various other functionsDoes not have addtional feature
Installation ProcessHave complex installation processAre very easy to install
Safetycompared to old models, modern hobs are very safe due to innovative flame failure functionGas stove are safer to use
Cleaning & MaintenanceHarder to clean and maintain since they are fitted on the countertopVery easy to clean and maintain
PriceThey come in costlier price range because they provide additional features Comes in affordable price range

Which is better, gas stove or hob in India?

So when looking at the hob vs gas stove debate, from an Indian perspective- the choice varies from person to person. Since gas hobs are built keeping in mind European standards, there may be a few difficulties such as a low gas flame that one may need to deal with.

However, besides the obvious difference, both the stoves perform the same function. Gas hobs provide you with a seamless, sleek, and elegant finish as well as a range of functionalities that will come in handy. However, they also come with an expensive price tag!

Gas stoves, on the other hand, are more pocket-friendly and safe but do lack in terms of appearance. The best way to choose is to assess your priorities and decide which of the two is the right kitchen stove for you and your home!

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