Difference Between 500w and 750w Mixer Grinder

Difference Between 500 W & 750 W Mixer Grinders

A mixer grinder has long been a fixture in Indian kitchens. We’ve all grown accustomed to hearing your mother’s mixer grinder make a variety of noises while she prepares everything from peanut paste to tangy chutneys to accompany your meal.

Having a mixer grinder in your home is a must, and it is an essential component of any household. The subject of how to choose the best mixer grinder emerges. There are numerous options on the market to choose from based on your preferences.

Nonetheless, I’ll be discussing the difference between 500w and 750w mixer grinder, as well as which one provides you the upper hand. It is critical that you comprehend mixer grinder watts. The higher the wattage of a mixer grinder, the more energy it consumes. Similarly, increasing the wattage results in a more powerful motor with a higher rpm (rotations per minute) speed.

I’ll show you the differences between a 500w and a 750w mixer grinder, as well as other facts, to make your decision easier.

Let’s see what we can find out!

What is the Importance of Watts in Mixer Grinder?

There is a relationship between Watts and Horse Power: 746 Watts equals 1 Horse Power (HP). A mixer grinder with 750 watts is a 1 HP mixer grinder, which means it has a powerful engine. What role do watts play in a mixer grinder?

The power consumption of a mixer grinder is measured in watts (W), just like any other electrical device. In plain terms, this is the parameter that we normally consider when discussing the mixer grinder’s performance level. The higher the wattage, the higher the blade’s spin per minute (RPM), resulting in higher speed and efficiency. 

However, before purchasing a mixer grinder, you should evaluate your needs. Make sure you don’t get a mixer grinder with more watts (and, of course, RPM) than you need.

500w vs 750w Mixer Grinder: The Real Difference

Do you know the difference between a mixer grinder with 500W and one with 750W? No one can dispute that mixer grinders are extremely popular these days. Thousands of mixer grinders are sold every other day.

Before adding it to your purchase basket, you should know which mixer grinder is better, 500 watts or 750 watts. It is entirely dependent on your needs, expectations, and budget.

RPMA 500-watt mixer’s RPM ranges from 18000 to 20000 750-watt grinder RPM ranges from 18500 to 22000
Power ConsumptionThey consume less power compared to 750w grinderThey are designed for heavy duty application so consume more power
UsageIt is ideal for making chutney, dry/wet grindingMincing, blending, grating becomes very easy
Number of jarscomes with 2-3 jarscomes with 3-5 jars
Price and warrantyMajority of 500w mixer grinder come with 1 year warranty and are very affordableMost brands provide 2 year warranty on 750w mixer grinder and are little costlier compared to 500w mixer grinder

1. RPM

The RPM of a mixer grinder is crucial to consider because it indicates how quickly the blade can rotate in a minuteAnywhere between 18000 and 23000 RPM will suffice for a residential mixer grinder. A juicer mixer grinder should have a low to medium RPM for optimum operation. Liquids or spices may not be blended or ground adequately at a higher RPM. 

Look for mixer grinders with a speed control knob/switch so you can adjust the settings as needed. A 500-watt mixer’s RPM ranges from 18000 to 20000. It was roughly 18500 to 20000 RPM for a 750-watt grinder and around 22000 RPM for a 1000 watt mixer grinder.

2. Power Consumption

mixer grinder with 500 watts consumes fewer power units than one with 750 watts. As a result, the 500W motor will save you some money. 750W motors, on the other hand, are designed for heavy-duty applications and so consume more power. 

3. Performance 

A 500-watt motor is designed to handle routine grinding duties. To some extent, it covers dry grinding, chutney preparation, and wet grinding. Mixer grinders with 750 watts are meant to do both ordinary and difficult grinding.

You may ground turmeric, smash it, make idli/dosa batter, and even juice it. However, if the sole purpose of you buying a mixer grinder is for wet grinding, you might want to consider buying a wet grinder. 

Every appliance can only be used for a limited amount of time. If it runs constantly for a longer time, the unit may overheat, and the motor will be ruined. A 500-watt grinder will operate for around 20 minutes. The motor running time for a 750-watt grinder is between 20 to 30 minutes. 

4. Number of Jars

You’ll need to know how big the grinder jar is. For example, you require a heavy-duty mixer grinder with huge jars if your family is large. The more jars you have, the more adaptable your grinding will be. As a result, you should go for a mixer with many jars. 

A mixer grinder usually has two jars, one for dry grinding and the other for wet grinding. Choose a mixer with at least three jars so you may utilize them for a variety of tasks.

This is perfect if you’re preparing a large number of dishes and don’t want to waste time washing them. Make sure the jar has a rubber or hard plastic handle for a secure grasp and toughened and sturdy lids that can be used daily.

5. Price and Warranty

The cost of your mixer grinder will be determined by the functions it provides as well as its overall quality. There are several low-cost solutions available, but they may lack the best features. If the company provides you with a good warranty on your product, you may be confident that it is of high quality.

When choosing a model, look for a guarantee between two to five years. Look for a motor with a separate warranty. Your appliance will be safeguarded for a longer time due to this.

2 Best 500-watt Mixer Grinder In India

1. Lifelong LLMG45 Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Lifelong LLMG45 Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

The mixer grinder is a must-have kitchen accessory that offers excellent value for money. This long-lasting multi-purpose mixer grinder comes with three stainless steel jars and maybe your go-to kitchen partner.

 Its multi-purpose blades are ideal for grinding raw masalas into delectable paste and curries. It’s no surprise that Lifelong continues to attract millions of customers with over 100 new goods in the category. For more than five years, dedicated customers have placed their trust in it. Made with you in mind and with your convenience in mind.


  • The PP lids on the jars keep the contents in place and intact, preventing the contents from falling out or spilling. 
  • This mixer grinder has rust-resistant blades that make grinding and mixing a breeze. 
  • To ensure simple handling, the jars are constructed with easy-grip handles. These handles are sturdy enough to keep large amounts of ingredients in the jar without breaking.
  • The speed regulating knob is a clever feature that allows you to select different speed restrictions.
  • The stainless steel jars and tastefully designed high-grade plastic body of the Lifelong mixer grinder ensure longevity while adding elegance to your kitchen.


  • When closing the lids, they pop out after a few seconds; thus, you have to hold the lids by hand to keep the jars closed during grinding.
  • This mixer motor requires a lot of effort for dry and wet grinding.

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2. Butterfly Hero Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars

Butterfly Hero Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars

The Butterfly Hero 500-Watt Mixer Grinder checks the durability and design boxes with stainless steel jars and a sleek finish. A mixer grinder is an energy-efficient gadget that runs on 230 Volts.

With an RPM of 17000–20000, the razor-sharp blades precisely cut, chop, and combine substances of all shapes and sizes. This value-for-money tool is well designed and will undoubtedly help you save hours of preparation time.


  • With the speed controlling option, you can now take charge of your kitchen by managing your food products’ grinding or mixing process.
  • The ‘whip’ feature allows you to run the appliance at its greatest speed, allowing you to coarsely grind chilies or quickly combine lip-smacking milkshakes.
  • The 500W motor is capable of performing a variety of activities. This motor provides the ideal grinding experience for making delicious chutneys.
  • These stainless steel jars are rust-resistant and composed of food-grade material, ensuring that your food is stored safely. 


  • The sound and vibration are high, which causes trouble.
  • The customer care service is poor.

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Why Choose 500 Watt Mixer Grinder?

They are suitable for small families and to perform less intensive grinding actions like grinding chutney. They are not ideal for juicing and grinding idli batter but can fulfil the requirememts of a small family. 500 watt mixer grinder generally have a price range of 1500 rs to 3000 rs, so they are very affordable. 

  • Rpm: 18000-20000
  • Noise: 80 to 85db
  • Motor Running Time: up to 20 minutes

2 Best 750-watt Mixer Grinder in India

1. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond MG-214 mixer grinder 750 watt

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond MG-214 mixer grinder 750 watt

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750 watt might be your best partner whether you’re upgrading an old mixer or purchasing a new one. This effective mixer grinder has an ABS plastic body that is rust and shock-resistant.

The stainless steel jars that come with this kitchen appliance have undergone salt spray and water load testing before being constructed to ensure their stability and durability.

flexible lid is included with this mixer grinder, which allows you to modify the jar’s volume. It also has three-speed settings and a pulse function, and it draws 750 watts of power.


  • A 750-watt integrated motor powers the Preethi blue leaf diamond mixer grinder at various speeds. 
  • The Preethi blue leaf diamond 750-watt mixer grinder has an ABS plastic shell. You have always been protected from voltage fluctuations and overload thanks to its shock-proof ABS shell and heat-sensitive cut-off system.
  • The Preethi blue leaf diamond mixer grinder has three speeds to choose from. Thanks to the varying speeds, the components are blended and ground to the appropriate texture and state. 
  • This Preethi blue leaf diamond 750-watt mixer grinder’s blades are constructed of high-quality stainless steel.


  • Within 5 seconds, the motor has heated up, and the jar has gotten extremely hot.
  • The jars show a sign of leakage.

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2. Prestige IRIS Plus 750 watt mixer grinder

Prestige IRIS Plus 750 watt mixer grinder

Prestige Iris 750W Mixer Grinder (check detailed review here) is an excellent option for homemakers looking for the best mixer grinder under 4000. With just one push of a button, this incredible kitchen appliance can transform your kitchen. This mixer grinder 750 watts is one of the best in India for grinding spices and blending fruits.


  • It has a strong handle that suits your grasp well and does not slip.
  • The mixer grinder also includes a transparent blender jar that allows you to see the entire grinding or blending process.
  • The Prestige Iris 750W Mixer Grinder has a high-performance blade technology that blends and grinds your foods to perfection. Each blade is constructed of stainless steel of the highest grade.
  • Prestige Iris is a wonderful appliance for numerous applications and is one of the best mixer grinders for home usage. 


  • The quality of the plastic is not up to mark. 
  • When operating, you must hold the cap tightly, or the material will pour all over your kitchen walls.

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Why Choose 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

A 750 watt mixer grinder is ideal for average Indian families. They cater for all your requirements like grinding, grating,mincing, and can also prepare idli batter. Juicing is also easy and usually comes with centrifugal juicer. Depending upon the brand you choose the price range varies from 2000rs to 4000rs. 

  • Rpm: 18500 to 20000
  • Noise: 80 to 85 db
  • Motor running time: Between 20 to 30 minutes

500w vs 750w Mixer Grinder: Which one to Choose?

The difference is usually in motor watts; the higher the watt, the more rpm is created, and the less time it takes to grind and stuff. In comparison to a 500-watt mixer, you may load more quantity into the jar of a 750-watt mixer. Most mixer grinders with less than 500 watts are the most economical and help you conserve energy at the same time.

However, the bulk of recent models is 750 watts or higher, indicating a change in client preference. If you’re looking for the best mixer grinder in India, go for one with a 750-watt motor for effective grinding, whether it’s for batter, chutneys, or juices. A higher wattage does not always produce better outcomes.

Again, the performance is determined by the manufacturer and the machine’s quality. In some circumstances, a low-wattage mixer grinder outperforms even more expensive models. As you may be aware, companies also cater to people’s tastes and develop models based on their choices.

When you look at all of the mixer grinders available in India, you’ll notice that many of them have 500W motors, and the majority of the newer ones have 750W motors. As a result, despite the popularity of 500W mixer grinders, companies are gradually turning their focus to 750W mixer grinders.

When picking a mixer grinder, it’s best to go with 750 watts or above. If budget and energy consumption are your primary concerns, you may go for a mixer grinder with a power rating of 500 watts or less.


Watts are the unit of measurement for measuring the power consumption of a mixer grinder. In plain terms, this is the parameter that we normally consider when discussing the mixer grinder’s performance level. The higher the wattage, the faster the blade rotates per minute (RPM). When shopping for mixer grinders online, you’ll notice that the makers list the RPM on the device. More RPM equals more speed and efficiency.

Mixer Grinders come in various power ratings, including up to 500 watts, 500 watts to 750 watts, and even a heavy-duty 1200 watt mixer grinder for commercial use. The mixer grinder machine with a power rating of up to 500 watts is considered an entry-level mixer grinder suitable for everyday use. It is a wonderful low-cost, and inexpensive solution in addition to saving energy. However, these will do for all of your regular mixings, grinding, and blending requirements.

The mixer grinder’s blades should employ all of the motor’s power in an ideal mixer grinder. The mixer grinder does not use all of its power when doing routine mixing most of the time. Only when grinding thick pastes, such as idli dosa batter, does the mixer grinder’s full power come into play. For most culinary tasks, the difference between a 550w and a 750w mixer grinder is insignificant. So a 500w mixer grinder will suffice for everyday blending and grinding in the kitchen.

Watts in this option refers to the engine’s intensity, with the higher the number, the better for general conditions.

If you don’t use a blender processor frequently in your daily cooking routine, a mixer grinder 750 watts blender processor isn’t necessary. If you don’t grind idli or dry pound tastes, a 500-watt mixer grinder will suffice.

In fact, many South Indian families make idli/dosa batter with a 500-watt blender processor plus a separate tabletop wet processing. This is a truly brilliant idea. The player made with the wet processor is more delicious, and the 500-watt blender processor will suffice for most other granulating tasks.

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