Can Induction Cookware Be Used On Gas?

Can Induction Cookware be used on gas

People are switching to induction cooking because it is more energy efficient than traditional cooking,with upto 70% reduction in energy consumption. Induction cooking is different from traditional cooking and works on the principle of magnetic property. You cannot use cookware made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum on the induction cooktop because these materials do not possess magnetic propertise.

Although you can use your non-induction cookware on an induction cooktop by using a converter disc ,however, using an induction cookware will guarantee you faster cooking with less use of energy. But then another question rises what if you have a gas stove and induction cookware, you may wonder if an induction cooktop can be used on a gas stove. Most induction-compatible cookware can be used on gas stoves.

We do not recommend using cookware with a very thin layer of steel on the base. Because the gas stove produces a naked flame, the cooking vessel must be able to withstand high temperatures. A thin layer on the bottom of cookware can cause warping, hot spots, and uneven heating.

What’s The Difference Between Gas And Induction Stoves?

The main difference between a gas and an induction stove is that one uses a flame to transfer heat to your pans and pots, while the other uses a magnetic field to heat them directly. As a result, the cookware you use on these two types of stoves has distinct needs.

On a gas stove, you’ll need thick-walled, heavy-bottomed pans and pots that can withstand the flame’s strong heat without warping and uniformly distribute the heat to your food. You’ll need solid, heavy cooking pots with enough iron (or magnetized steel) to collect magnets and heat rapidly and evenly from the appliance’s magnetic field on an induction cooktop.

Cookware MaterialGas StoveInduction Stove
Aluminum, with ceramic coatingCompatibleCompatible only if magnetized
Aluminum, with non-stick coatingCompatibleCompatible only if magnetized
Cast ironCompatibleCompatible
Carbon steelCompatibleCompatible
CopperOnly silver or stainless steel linings are compatible.Not compatible
Stainless steel with a copper base/coreCompatibleCompatible only if magnetized
Stainless steel with an aluminum base/coreCompatibleCompatible only if magnetized

What Is Induction Base Cookware? 

What is an induction base cookware

Induction cookware is simply cookware that can be used on induction cooktops. Induction cooking differs from conduction cooking in that it does not produce direct heat. Heat is transferred from a burner to a pan without using flames or coils. When energy is transmitted directly and instantaneously to the cooking pot, this is referred to as induction cooking.

On the other hand, induction cooktops contain a copper coil beneath their burners that, when activated, creates an electromagnetic field of energy. The coil reacts to the pot or pan that is put on it, creating a current that works as a heat source.

Can Induction Cookware Be Used on Gas?

It’s important to use cooking pots with a magnetic base when utilizing an induction cooktop. Magnetic stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, and enameled cast iron are the cookware materials that function on an induction cooktop. You may use a magnet to see if your pot or pan is induction capable.

Induction cookers can use magnets that are securely adhered to the bottom of the cooking pot. It will only operate with gas and electric cooktops and stoves otherwise. When buying new cookware, check to see whether the cookware is induction compatible or has the induction-ready mark on the box or on the bottom of the cookware (it looks like a coil).

All Heavy Bottomed Cookware Can Be Used With Gas Cooktops

Yes, practically all induction cookware on the best of the auto-ignition stove, Hob stove, and any other type of gas stove. There are just two exceptions: when the base steel of the cookware is extremely thin. Or if the exterior surface of the pan has been coated with a magnetic or non-stick coating.

The exterior surface coating of certain sprayed cookware dissolves and does not remain flat, preventing it from operating on an induction cooktop. In the manual book, some induction cookers have specific instructions for users not to use pots and pans on gas stoves.

Except for these two exceptions (thin steel and magnetic/non-stick outer layer), if the surface is metal or enameled, induction cookware is safe to use on gas stoves. Many people recommend using the same kitchen utensils for both. In addition to being economical (since you can use the same cookware on both), they are also good quality materials.

Tips To Use Induction Pans On Gas Stoves And Ensuring Their Longevity

Here are some tips for using induction pans and pots on a gas stove:-

  • Aluminum Coated With Non-Stick – Non-stick pans and pots should not be heated above 500°F since the coating will be destroyed. For the same reason, you should never heat a non-stick pan on a gas burner for more than 15-20 seconds when using non-stick cookware. 
  • Aluminum Coated With Ceramic -Aluminum is a good heat conductor as a metal. It immediately warms up and cools down. This is why a ceramic pan just requires 15-20 seconds of preheating before it’s ready to use.
  • Carbon steel and Cast Iron – Carbon steel pans and cast iron skillets are manufactured from a single piece of molten metal and are thick and weighty.
  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel has a low heat conductivity. That’s why modern stainless steel pans and pots have a stainless steel exterior with an aluminum or copper disc-shaped bottom or an interior core on higher-end cooking equipment.

Final Thoughts

You’re mistaken if you believe your induction cookware will be stacked in your kitchen cabinets even if you don’t have an induction stove. You can use your induction cookware on gas stoves available in market because induction cookware has a low-lying base, it warms up rapidly.

It not only heats evenly, but it also prevents food from burning to the cooking vessels! Using inductive cookware on a gas or electric burner will not harm the stove or the food being cooked. Although the materials are expensive, they are well worth the cost. Check for specials and discounts on the internet or in your local store.

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