7 Amazing Kashmiri Kahwa Tea Benefits

7 Amazing kashmiri kahwa tea benefits

A hot cup of tea is the most versatile beverage, suitable for every occasion and at any time of day. Especially during rainy season everyone enjoys a cup of tea along with snacks like sandwiches, moong dal, tapioca chips or ulli vada. You’d be unlikely to find someone who doesn’t like a warm cup of flavorful, fragrant tea. It’s a universal cure for a terrible day, a sour mood, a slight sickness, or a tense situation.

Spice tea is a popular beverage which is made in almost every household but only a few people are aware of Kashmiri Kahwa, a popular spice-laden Indian tea. This luxury tea, also known as gulabi chai, pink tea, or midday chai, has a rose texture and is often offered only on rare occasions in South Asian nations such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Green tea leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and saffron are used to make Kashmiri Kahwa. It’s frequently garnished with dried fruits and rose petals. As a result, tea enthusiasts consider Kashmiri Kahwa tea with great respect. Kahwa is an unusual mixture of Kashmiri green tea leaves, whole spices, almonds, and saffron that was historically made in a samovar, a metal kettle. The samovar contains a center chamber in which hot coal is inserted, while the surrounding area is used to boil water and other tea components.

What Is Kashmiri Kahwa?

In the Western Ghats, the Malabar area, and Kashmir, Kashmiri Kahwa, a traditional green tea, is quite popular. Because of its rich flavors, it has grown in favor throughout Central Asia over time. As the tea brews, the richness of saffron blends with cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon to create a unique aroma.

Almonds and luxury green tea complement the spices to create a rich, delightful, and refreshing beverage. This well-balanced mix also has several health benefits! We can see why the word Kahwa is derived from the Arabic word “qahwah,” which means fragrant beverage.

Health Benefits Of Kashmiri Kahwa Tea 

Health Benefits Of Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

1. Improves Digestion

Do you suffer from digestive issues such as persistent constipation? Drinking kahwa tea regularly can give your digestive system the boost it needs to detoxify your stomach. Kahwa tea is also recognized for boosting metabolism, which is unsurprising considering its popularity as a green tea variation.

2. Helps In Burning Fats

It is offered after meals in Kashmiri families since it not only helps in digestion but also helps to lose body fat, making it a great complement to a weight-loss plan. It also aids in the prevention of cholesterol build-up in blood vessels, lowering the risk of heart disease.

3. Builds Immunity

The saffron in Kahwa tea is rich in vitamin B12, which assists the body’s immune strategy to recharge. The tea’s antioxidants can aid in keeping your body clear of infection or illness, particularly during the winter months. Spices like cinnamon and cardamom boost the body’s ability to fight diseases from the outside.

4. Helps In Relieving Stress

A single cup of Kashmiri Kahwa tea, which is strong in antioxidants, may be all you need to feel rested and invigorated. It can improve the ability to lessen the detrimental consequences of anxiety. Green tea has been shown to reduce psychological discomfort by up to 20% in people who drink five cups per day. As a result, Kashmiri Kahwa is very good for human health.

5. Makes Your Skin Glow

Antioxidants assist in hydrating the skin and prevent from acne. Crushed almonds in the tea help to cleanse the skin and give it a natural shine. During the winter, a cup of hot kahwa tea helps keep your skin healthy and bright. During the winter, you may notice that your skin is dull and dry and that it seems pale.

6. Remedy For Common Cold

It works great for colds, sore throats, and chest congestion. It also aids in the removal of mucus caused by a cold. The warm beverage relieves chest congestion, allowing the cold and cough to be treated more effectively. So, if you’re suffering from a bad cold, look no farther than kahwa tea.

7. Works As An Energy Booster

Kashmiri Kahwa might be a great way to start the day. Because of the perfect mixture of dry fruits and antioxidants, this tea is particularly energizing. When you are exhausted from working and need to recharge, it may also be a terrific way to rejuvenate. This tea might also help you relax by reducing muscle tension. Furthermore, the stimulation of senses and the acceleration of metabolism make it a go-to drink for individuals who want to get the most out of their day.


After a long day at work, Kashmiri Kahwa has become well-known across the world as a treatment for stomach disorders and stress relief. This tea has a mild and mellow flavor because of the rounded ingredients Kahwa’s enormous popularity stems from its numerous health advantages and anti-inflammatory properties. There are so many health benefits of Kashmiri kahwa tea, such as helping in improving digestion, helping in weight loss, making your skin clean and glowing, a good remedy for colds and coughs, and working as an energy booster.

However, the appropriateness of Kahwa for diverse body shapes and those with chronic health concerns must be considered. Kashmiri Kahwa is one of the most energizing beverages ever prepared. It will undoubtedly settle your anxieties and provide you with the quiet you require to sleep well at night. If you’ll try Kashmiri kawa tea, please let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

The greatest thing about kahwa is that it is caffeine-free. If you want to get the advantages of tea without caffeine, this is the tea for you. Although the traditional Kashmiri Kahwa is caffeine-free, it is not required to be. Kashmiri Kahwa is a decent substitute for coffee if it has a reasonable quantity of caffeine. The amount is exactly right to wake you up and keep you aware without the jitteriness that coffee normally brings!

Nothing refreshes your body like this golden elixir! Green tea polyphenols aid in boosting fat oxidation and the rate at which your body converts meals into calories. Green tea purifies the stomach and improves digestion and metabolism, making it an efficient weight-loss tool. It also helps to boost your immune system’s effectiveness. It also aids in the battle against bad cholesterol in the blood and improves the ratio of good to bad cholesterol.

People who have heart problems should avoid drinking Kashmiri Kahwa tea since it might slow down their recovery. Although this tea has been shown to lower blood cholesterol, the high sugar content might aggravate the condition of patients who are already recuperating from heart disease.

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