10 Best Uses Of Electric Kettle

5 less known uses of Electric Kettles

Now-a-days you’ll find an electric kettle in every modular kitchen. And the major function why people prefer electric kettle is to heat water so that it can be used for cooking and drinking, as we already know. However, if we only use it to boil water, we would be doing a great injustice to this handy little home device.

The best electric kettles can be used for various things that we probably never would have considered before. Need more information about what we have in store for you? We have listed some of the best uses of electric kettle. To help you all get comfortable, we’ll start with the simpler questions and move on to the trickier ones later. Prepare to be delighted when you sit back, unwind, and wait.

10 Best Uses Of Electric kettle

1. Boil Milk

You might be thinking, can we boil milk in electric kettle? The answer is Yes, you can warm milk in your kettle as well. Many of us have considered this subject occasionally without finding an authoritative source to answer it. So here it is: you can boil milk in an electric kettle.

The main difference is that you will need to pay closer attention when heating milk in your kettle as opposed to water. You must turn off your kettle before it reaches that threshold, which requires that you keep an eye on it. The good news is that heated milk may make your hot chocolate extra creamy, so why not give it a try?

2. Making Hot Beverages

Whether an electric or stovetop kettle, making hot beverages in kettle is most common. You can make a refreshing tea with help of electric kettle and homemade masala tea powder. All you need to do is add water to your kettle and let it heat to the proper temperature. The boiled water should then be added to the mug containing the tea powder.

Not only you can prepare tea you can also brew coffee the only thing which is important is to boil your water at right temperature. Hot cocoa also functions nicely with this approach. Apple cider can be warmed in a kettle as well. You only need to drain the water and add cider.

3. Boil Eggs

Yes, a kettle can be used to boil eggs. Although that’s not quite common, you can certainly do it. Since it’s not exactly convenient, we advise you to only utilize this approach as a last resort. Here’s why: once the water is boiled, which might take up to 5-7 minutes, the kettle will turn off.

The kettle will need to be turned on repeatedly for a minimum of 15 minutes. As we just established, it’s not exactly the most efficient method of boiling an egg. However, this is a nice way for travelers who stay in hostels.

4. Cook Rice

Yes, you can boil rice in your kettle, but if the bottom of the kettle has an exposed coil, cleaning up will be necessary. Simply place the grains in water for 20 minutes to soak before adding the water and rice to the kettle to cook some rice.

Spices or veggies can also be added to the kettle, but not large objects like meat. Depending on how much rice you want to make, start the kettle and let everything cook for about 20 minutes. If your kettle has an automated shut-off option, you must turn it back on a few times to ensure your rice cooks properly.

5. Cook Oatmeal

Everyone understands that oatmeal calls for a quick, filling breakfast. And your electric kettle can be used to rapidly prepare some. You can prepare sweet daila by simply pouring some boiling water and oats in kettle. Your oats are prepared for consumption once you add a lid and wait a few minutes. You could always add nuts and fruits to the oatmeal to make it more flavorful.

6. Make Soup

A flavorful soup that has been simmered well is soothing. Don’t just use your electric kettle if you’re too exhausted to brew one on the burner. Add the instant soup ingredients to the kettle of boiling water, cover, and wait. When the hot soup is ready, enjoy it!

7. Ready To Eat Meals

You may rely on your electric kettle to do the trick, whether you’re having some pals around or if you’re in the mood for some spicy instant noodles or ramen. You only need to boil some water in the kettle, pour it into your cup of instant noodles, and wait a few minutes. Prepare to indulge in as many midnight snacks as you want now!

8. Washing Vessels

Don’t worry if those difficult cooking stains won’t disappear; we’ve covered you. Simply boil some water, pour it into the containers, and then cover them with lids. Your skillets are now prepared for another round of washing after waiting about 30 minutes. Trust us, this time the wash will be simple.

9. Sterilizing Baby Feeding Bottle

Just boil the feeding bottle in the kettle for 10 to 15 minutes and there you go the bottle has been sterilized. Although we do not recommend using this method very often as it can damage the bottle and also the bottle might release chemicals which are not good for the baby.

10. Beauty Treatments

Who says you need to visit a spa every few months when you can achieve the same look in the comfort of your own home? All you have to do is boil some water, mix it with some room temperature water, then pour the concoction into a bathtub.

Soak your feet and then give yourself a pedicure at home. You may also reheat some water, dip a clean towel into it, and apply it to your face to feel more refreshed and energized. To prevent burns, make sure to combine hot and ordinary water.

Points To Keep In Mind While Using Electric kettle

Several electric kettles made by various firms are offered on the market. You need not worry about blowing your budget because these products are also reasonably priced. However, there are a few considerations you should make if you plan to use your electric kettle for purposes other than simply boiling water before you buy one:

  • Purchase a larger kettle so that you can cook the rice or noodles there.
  • So that you can easily place food items into your kettle, make sure it has a larger mouth.
  • If you want to prevent the food and your appliance from becoming bad, use an electric kettle with an outside-coil design.
  • Make sure the metal is non-reactive and suitable for cooking any meal.
  • Inspect the kettle to see whether there is a setting for continuous boiling.
  • It is best if your electric kettle has a variety of boiling and cooking settings.


An electric kettle can be a permanent fixture in your kitchen. The kettle can be used in several different ways. With such convenient tools at your disposal, preparing a hot beverage or a nutritious snack is a breeze. We hope this post was helpful and that you can fully utilize your electric kettle.

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