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While cooking, especially Indian food, the fumes from the dishes can be troublesome at times. Moreover, the fumes, grease, and oil can stain the walls and dirty them. This is precisely why it is advised that you find the best chimney for your kitchen, because not only will the right chimney direct those fumes away from the kitchen but also keep the rest of the house ventilated and fresh in general.

However, searching for the best chimney in India can be tricky as there are just so many products available in the market; however, we have narrowed it down to the best chimneys from Glen Appliances that are reliable, long-lasting, and functional. Glen Chimneys have been around for a long time and have established a substantial retail presence across India, making them the best on the market.

Glen India offers a varied range of chimneys to buy from, and to help you narrow down the process; we will be looking at the best glen chimney review for the kitchen in this article. Glen has introduced different types of chimneys, and we’ll be providing descriptions for all of them as well as information about options such as the glen 6071 chimney review and the glen 6062 chimney review!

10 Best Glen Kitchen Chimney Review

1st Place
Glen 60 cm Pramid Kitchen Chimney By Glen
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Best Value
Glen Senza Filterless Auto Clean Chimney By Glen
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3 Glen Electric Chimney 6079 By Glen
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4 Glen Wall Mount Kitchen Chimney By Glen
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5 Glen 6002 Stainless Steel Chimney By Glen
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1. Glen 60 cm 1000 m3/h Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

First up, we have the glen kitchen chimney review for the Glen 60 cm 1000 m^3/h Pyramid Kitchen Chimney has a stainless steel body with a black powder-coated finish.

It is a wall mounting chimney with a voltage utilization of around 220 – 240 V 50Hz, and its 2 SS baffle filters and a push-button control panel ensure comfortable usage. 

The dimensions of this glen chimney are 600X500X69 millimeters making it averagely placed when compared among the other products in the market.

The chimney uses normal lamps and has an airflow of 1000. It is a classic pyramid hood cast in a black powder-coated finish that looks sleek and well-finished. 

The exhaust size being 60cm is ideal for 2-4 burner stoves, so it is suitable for couples or families of that size. The suction capacity is 1000 m3/hr, suitable for more than 200 sq ft kitchen, and involves heavy frying or grilling. The maximum noise it makes in decibels is 58db, ensuring that you are not too minimal disturbance during cooking.


  • Gives a contemporary look with its pyramid finish.
  • The baffle filters are easy to work with and easy to clean.
  • The push buttons let you select between 3 different speeds.


  • The noise might be a bit high.
  • No warranty for the fan motor.

2. Glen Senza 60 cm 1050 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

If you are looking for a chimney that makes the filter cleaning process convenient, then this new Glen 6060 Auto Clean chimney is the best.

The new Glen 6060 Auto Clean chimney is a great choice, for those who are looking for something that is both great in terms of functionality as well as looks. It is a filterless chimney, and contains an external oil collector in order to accumulate any oil or grease particles.

It’s motor is not only one of the best in the market, but also extremely noise-controlled with a total of 150W power available at a low noise level of 68db.

It also  has an LED lamp that brightens up the cooking area, and the chimney comes enabled with 3 different stage speed settings. Its annual energy consumption is around ‎146 Kilowatt Hours Per Year, making it comparatively more environmentally friendly. 

It also boasts of easy to control motion sensors, as well as a strong suction capacity that allows the smoke to be expelled keeping the kitchen air and kitchen walls free of odor, grime and grease.


  • Stainless steel oil collecting tray.
  • The curved glass finish increases the kitchen aesthetic.
  • The powerful suction leaves no trace of grime and grease.


  • No such known cons.

3. Glen Electric Chimney 6079 60cm 1000 m3/hr

The Glen Electric Chimney 6079 60cm 1000 m^3/hr is a wall mount with a stainless steel finish– that looks smart and sleek. The baffle filters are made up of stainless steel, making the cleaning process easy.

It is an ultra-modern, elegant black-colored glass chimney with a suction capacity of 1000 m3/hr, making it suitable for a kitchen size of more than 200 sqft, used for heavy frying and/or grilling. 

The size of this glen chimney is 60cm which is ideal for a 2-4 burner stove, making it the perfect fit for couples and family. The slanting glass makes it easy to clean the chimney, 

allowing constant airflow and hygiene, whereas the control type is push-button controls for easier use. The maximum noise it can make is 58db. The powerful 1000 m3/h suction throws the smoke from the pan to outdoors, ensuring that your kitchen is odor-free and the walls are clean of any grime. It has 2 LED lamps to brighten up the cooking area.


  • Baffle filters work efficiently and are easy to clean.
  • The complete glass structure enhances the kitchen look.
  • Push-button controls are easy to operate.


  • The installation process is difficult.

4. Glen 60 cm 1000 m3/h Straight Glass Wall Mount Kitchen Chimney

The Glen 60 cm 1000 m^3/h Straight Glass Wall Mount Kitchen Chimney is a wall mounting chimney with a stainless steel finish. It features a sleek-looking modern, and attractive body made of glass and stainless steel.

The size is 60cm, which is similar to the other products in the market. It is suitable for a 2-4 burner stove and has a suction capacity of around 1000 m3/hr – making it ideal for kitchen sizes between 100-150 sqft that is used for medium-level frying or grilling purposes.

The stainless steel filters used are baffle filters, and the control type is simple to use push-button controls. The maximum noise level it can reach is 58db.

This Glen designer hood chimney 6062 stainless steel is a unique futuristic design that stands out gracefully and adds an excellent to your kitchen. Uncompromising quality, technical perfection, and maximum reliability provide freedom from smoke, fumes, and smell, making this chimney an ideal alternative for your and your family’s well-being. Moreover, a lifetime warranty can be availed under certain conditions- protecting you against any malfunctions or errors.


  • The advanced design gives a dynamic airflow.
  • Material is made up of flame retardant plastic.
  • The motor can be switched off in case of excessive heat.


  • The suction might be weak.
  • The noise level might be high.

5. Glen 6002 Stainless Steel Chimney

This Glen 6002 stainless steel chimney has a matte finish with a stainless steel body. The design is very unique and helps your kitchen stand out.

It is a wall mounting type chimney, and the metallic finish adds a stylish look to your kitchen. It features grease filters which are also made up of stainless steel thus easy to clean

There are 2 SS Baffle Filters in this product, and the size of this product is 60cm which is ideal for 2-4 burner stoves. The suction capacity is 750 m3/hr, which is less when compared to other Glen Kitchen Chimneys. 

This model is best suited for a kitchen size of more than 200 sqft and is used for heavy frying or grilling, and the build type is a straight line which is pretty easy to clean. The 100% pure copper winding Italian motor has been used in this product for ultimate results, and the push-button controls are enabled to make it easy to use. The maximum noise level that it can reach is 58db, ensuring minimum disturbance.


  • Stainless steel baffle filter allows for a dynamic airflow.
  • LED lights illuminate the work area.


  • Installation materials are not included.

6. Glen 60 cm 1000 m^3/h Curved Glass Wall Mounted Chimney

The Glen 60 cm 1000 m3/h Curved Glass Wall Mounted Chimney has a metallic finish type with a stainless steel body and a glass top.

The body consists of a black powder coating, and it uses high-quality LED lamps. The voltage supply it needs is 220 – 240 V 50 Hz, and it has a cumulative static pressure of around 430.

It is an elegantly crafted designer black chimney with curved glass in perfect union with stainless steel. It comes with push-button controls & a lifetime warranty.

The airflow suction is 1000, which is similar to other mentioned glen products. The operating mode is as exhaust, and the connection rating is 159w. 

The size of this product is 60cm which is ideal for 2-4 burner stoves. The suction capacity of 1000 m3/hr is best suitable for more than 200 sqft kitchen sizes, which is used for heavy frying and/or grilling. It is an easy-to-clean device and can be controlled by push-button controls which are easy to use and alter, ensuring convenient functioning.


  • The push-button control settings allow you to select between 3 different speeds.
  • The wires and the motor are made up of 100% pure copper.
  • The materials are made up of flame retardant materials.


  • An installation kit is not available.

7. Glen 6063 SS 90 cm 1200 m3/h Heat Auto Clean Chimney

The Glen 6063 SS 90 cm 1200 m3/h Heat Auto Clean Chimney is a curved glass wall mounting type of chimney that is silver-colored and elegant-looking. It adds a lavish look to your kitchen space, and its size is 90cm which is suitable for a 2-4 burner stove.

The suction capacity is around 1200 m3/hr which is suitable for kitchen sizes more than 200 sqft and is used for heavy frying and/or grilling. The filters used in this product are baffle filters, and the control type used is the touch sensor controls. 

It is an auto-cleaning chimney, so you do not need to clean your chimneys manually. Moreover, the types of lamps used are LED lamps. The dimensions of this chimney are 900X520X560 millimeters, the connection rating is 288w, and the voltage is 220 – 240 V 50 Hz. The dimensions of the packed product are 97.0 x 41.5 x 66.0 centimeters. 

The material of the chimney is stainless steel which ensures convenient cleaning and hygiene, and the baffle filters are enabled with a heat auto-clean function. A 4th generation heat auto clean system is used on this, a high-quality heating system.


  • An oil collector sup is available.
  • The touch panel comes with motion sensors.


  • The noise level might be a bit high.

8. Glen 6062 60 cm 1000 m3/h Designer Hood Glass Chimney

This Glen kitchen chimney has a sleek and modern design with the addition of toughened glass lends a bright look and adds a touch of class that’s hard to beat. This unique futuristic design stands out gracefully in your kitchen and adds a superlative touch to your kitchen.

This chimney provides uncompromising quality, technical perfection, and maximum reliability, with three convenient speeds and hob lighting features.

The powerful suction of 1000 m3/h whisks away all the traces of fumes or grime in seconds, and the toughened glass gives an elegant look to the chimney. The glass used is tempered for utmost safety.

The suction capacity is 1000 m3/hr, which can be used for kitchen size 100-150 sqft, suitable for medium frying and/or grilling. The filters used are baffle filters made up of stainless steel. The control type used here is push-button control, and the maximum noise is 58db. It has a lifetime warranty under certain conditions, ensuring you are constantly protected against any changes.


  • 100% copper Italian motor is used.
  • Environment-friendly led lights are used.
  • The fan is made up of flame retardant plastic.


  • The suction might be weak.

9. Glen 60 cm 1200 m3/h Auto Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

The Glen 60 cm 1200 m^3/h Auto Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney, is a pyramid-type chimney wall mounting. The size of this glen chimney is 60cm which is suitable for 2-4 burner stoves.

This model is suitable for kitchen sizes between 100-150 sq ft used for medium frying and/or grilling. The filters used are baffle filters, and the control type used is touch sensor control.

The maximum noise level it can reach is 58db. The company provides a lifetime warranty on this product under certain conditions. 

It has a powder-coating finish type which is a sleek black color, and it’s trendy black hood is made out of a blend of stainless and toughened glass. Not only will this ensure that it doesn’t look dirty or stained, but also add an overall sleek look to the kitchen interiors.

Moreover, it’s technology eliminates any present grease, oil and dust bits stuck in the chimney cavity by heating them up and allowing them to collect in the oil gatherer.


  • 4th Generation Auto-Clean technology
  • Stainless steel baffle filter
  • Materials are made up of metal for utmost safety.


  • Weighs more than some other products.

10. Glen Senza 90 cm 1050 m3/h Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

This Glen Senza 90 cm 1050 m^3/h Filterless Auto Clean Chimney, is a wall mounting type of chimney, with a finish type that is GPSP painted glass. The material used is stainless steel which is used in most of the other glen chimneys- making it the most common option.

It specially features an oil collector tray which helps you get rid of the grime and grease easily. It is an auto-cleaning chimney that relieves you from the task of cleaning all the oil, grease, and grime.

It also has a touch control that is easy to use and understand. The structure of this chimney is a curved glass, which is suitable to use for 2-4 burner stoves. The suction capacity is 1050 m3/hr which is an average amount of suction useful for kitchen sizes more than 200 sq ft and is used for heavy frying and/or grilling. It uses heat to auto clean the chimneys, and is a filterless chimney therefore imaking a maximum noise of around 58db.


  • The smart touch sensor allows you to turn the chimney on and off.
  • Easy to clean oil collector tray.
  • Environment-friendly LED lights


  • No filter was provided, so hard particles might get stuck in the chimney.

11. Glen GL 6075 Stainless Steel Kitchen Chimney

Glen’s GL 6075 is a beautifully crafted curved glass Chimney for every modern household. The operations are at the push of a button has a lifetime warranty against damages. Its suction capacity is 1000 m3/h suitable for midsize kitchens. 

The suction motor is of Italian make with a copper winding that can absorb excessive heat. The chimney is also fitted with two LED lamps to brighten the cooking area. It’s sleek in design and toughened glass is used in the making.

The baffle filter is made of stainless steel. It is easy to clean and maintain. You can even use these simple economical chimney cleaning techniques to clean this chimney.

The fan is made of flame-retardant plastic while flame retardant wires are used in the circuit making it utmost safe. Some of the best features of this chimney are: Warranty is for lifetime, it has push button controls, has baffle SS filter, also has Italian motor with Thermal Overload Protector and has 2 powerful 40 W LED energy efficient lamps.


  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Push button controls 
  • Baffle SS Filter  
  • Italian motor with 100% copper winding
  • 2 powerful 40 W LED energy efficient lamps 


  • Suction power could have been better

12. Glen 60cm 1000 m³/h Pyramid Kitchen Chimney 6050

The Glen 6050 Pyramid Kitchen Chimney is a classic pyramid design hood with a Black finish body casted in black powder coated finish.  Equipped with 2 Stainless Steel baffle filters which are easy to clean and are long lasting.

The motor is 155w and powerful with 100% copper winding with Thermal overload protector which ensures that in case of overheating motor does not burnout.

It comes with a Lifetime Warranty which is its unique selling point. The push button control panel is easy to operate and user-friendly. It has 240-Watts LED lamps to brighten up the cooking area.

Some of the best features of this Chimney are: It is a wall-mounted chimney, it covers stove area and even the 4 burners, its suction capacity is decent for medium frying and grilling, it has stainless steel baffle filters which are long-lasting and it has a warranty is for life.

The powerful suction power of 1000 m3/h throws the smoke and other impure oily greasy molecules from the pan to outdoors and ensures that the kitchen is hygienic, and the walls are clean. Suction power could have been better for this chimney to utilize all the advantages of having chimney at home.


  • Wall mounted chimney for specific needs
  • Covers stove area of even 4 burners 
  • Suction capacity is decent for medium frying and grilling
  • Stainless steel baffle filters are long lasting
  • Warranty is for life


  • Suction power could have been better

How to Select the Best Glen Kitchen Chimney in India?

How to Select the Best Glen Kitchen Chimney in India

1. Types of Glen Chimney – Ducted or Ductless?

Heat, smoke, gases, and other similar pollutants can be channeled out of a PVC pipe or aluminum pipe using duct chimneys. According to experts, duct chimneys are the greatest choice for improved benefits. The heat, smoke, grease particles, and other pollutants that ductless chimneys absorb in the beginning are recirculated

The functioning procedure of a ductless chimney is the polar opposite of a duct chimney. Ductless kitchen chimneys are less difficult to install than duct kitchen chimneys. Ductless systems may be put almost anywhere. The duct types can drain steam and prevent condensation from forming in your kitchen. 

Read more about the ducted and ductless kitchen chimney differences in our article Duct vs Ductless Chimney.The guide will explain all the differences to you in detail and will help you make a decision on which type of chimney suits your kitchen needs. 

2. Design

An integrated chimney is built into the cabinetry of your kitchen. It’s hidden behind the cabinet and blends in with the rest of your kitchen’s design. This sort of chimney is a great kitchen chimney design concept if you want something that blends in well with the rest of the kitchen’s design and adds a smart touch to its compact appearance without taking up too much room.

If you’re searching for a space-saving option, this is a good option. The nicest aspect is that it matches the appearance of your drawers and cabinets.

The wall-mounted kitchen chimney is one of India’s greatest kitchen chimney ideas, and it is cost-effective. The term “wall-mounted chimney” refers to a chimney attached to the wall. The benefit of placing this chimney in the kitchen is that it requires no or few pipes to drain the contaminated air.

You may use it to create a compact and attractive effect by combining it with light-colored wall cabinets. This chimney will enhance your kitchen the most when you have wooden plant flooring.

3. Size

Based on the size of your stove and kitchen, select a chimney. To efficiently absorb smoke, the chimney proportions should be somewhat larger than the size of your stove. The majority of chimneys come in two common sizes: 60 cm and 90 cm. If you have a two-burner stove, a 60 cm-wide chimney will suffice. 

Choose a 90 cm-wide chimney if your stove has three or more burners. The size of the kitchen chimney is determined by the stove, hob, and kitchen dimensions. The general guideline is to select a kitchen chimney that is slightly larger than the stove or hob size so that the kitchen chimney covers the whole stove or hob and efficiently absorbs smoke.

4. Glen Chimney Filters

Multiple layers of mesh collect grease and oil particles from smoke and expel the rest. Suction capacity is reduced due to grease and oil particles blocking mesh pores. The cassette filters are made of stainless steel or aluminum. Compared to aluminum cassette filters, stainless steel cassette filters are a little more costly. However, aluminum cassette filters are lighter, easier to handle but require careful cleaning.

In contrast, stainless steel cassette filters are heavier and more challenging to manage, but cleaning is quite simple. The flow control panel is the baffle. The panel is constructed up of several curves through which air passes, retaining oil and grease particles in the process. Stainless steel baffle filters are the most common.

The charcoal filter can be used in conjunction with a cassette or baffle filter. This sort of filter is constructed of charcoal, as the name implies. The charcoal filter absorbs the grease and oil particles—the thickness of the filters and the number of charcoal granules used to determine the absorption power. The charcoal filter is not washable, so you’ll have to replace it depending on how often you use it.

5. Suction Power

Suction power is expressed in m3 per hour. The suction power of the chimney refers to how much air it can suck out of the kitchen and expel. Many homeowners assume that the amount of suction power necessary is proportional to the size of the family. Duct size, number of angles offered to the ducting, food preparation manner, and design & duct style all determine suction power. 

It has been discovered that the higher the suction power, the better the chimney’s performance, but the downside is that it produces more noise. A 6-inch (in diameter) thick duct pipe is used for a greater suction power chimney, whereas a 4-inch thick duct pipe is used for a lower suction power chimney, such as 700m3/hr. Typically, 10 feet of the duct is placed for residential reasons.

6. Maintenance and Cleaning

Chimneys should be cleaned at least once every two months, depending on the amount of traffic in your kitchen and the sort of food you make. Cleaning the meshes and filters once a month is recommended if you make a lot of greasy and spicy foods.

However, if you have a charcoal-filtered chimney, you will need to replace the filter every six months. Depending on the part of the chimney you’re cleaning, you’ll need different cleaning supplies and procedures. Also, not all cleaning activities necessitate dismantling your chimney, and different stains require different cleaning methods.

Dip a paper towel in the vinegar solution and wipe the surfaces clean for a fast clan of the hood. Make sure you clean off every nook and cranny with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Allow it to rest for a few minutes before wiping it clean with a paper towel dipped in plain water.

7. Price and Warranty

In India, the price of a kitchen chimney starts at Rs.4000. The pricing of a branded straight line chimney ranges from Rs.4000 to Rs.5000. The cost of a kitchen chimney varies substantially depending on its size. The pricing of a 60cm chimney starts at Rs.6000. 

In India, a 90cm chimney price starts at Rs.12000. The majority of chimney manufacturers provide free installation. So there’s no need to be concerned about installation costs. However, mounting a chimney far away from the wall or an outside exhaust point necessitates additional ducting/piping, which raises the overall cost.


Aesthetically pleasant hobs may be used to beautify the kitchen. On the internet, you may find various kitchen chimney brands and types. Elica, Faber, Sunflame, IFB, Glen, Kutchina, Pigeon, Kaff, Prestige, and Bright Flame are India’s top chimney brands. Whatever kitchen chimney you purchase online must fit in your kitchen, have sufficient suction power, and have chimney filter kinds that are compatible with your cooking habits.

Before purchasing a chimney, look for the following features: chimney filter kinds, kitchen chimney types, chimney suction power, chimney size, chimney design, chimney ducting, and so on. Don’t forget to double-check the motor’s and the entire product’s warranties.

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