Best Utensils For Microwave Oven – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Microwave Utensils In India

Are you looking for a microwave fitting best to your kitchen and budget? Then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect guide! Sit back assured as we glance through the if’s and but’s to keep in mind while buying a microwave.

A Microwave oven is also known as an ‘electronic oven’. It is an appliance which can heat or cook food using high-pitched electromagnetic waves. These waves are produced by a magnetron tube. The rays can pass through materials like plastic, glass, paper, porcelain and china, hence, making them microwave-safe materials. The rays pass through the containers and are absorbed by the food inside the container.

It can penetrate the food up to 3 inches. A point to be noted here is: the ‘microwaves’ do not pass through metal, but get reflected back and may cause inevitable damage if it hits the magnetron tube”. Therefore, metal containers are not an appropriate choice for a microwave oven as it can cause sparking! While there are many myths around this, we have discussed all the myths in this article. An advantage of using a microwave oven is that it can shorten the cooking time to 10 times less than what is used by conventional methods! However, containers need to be microwave safe before they can be used in the microwave. Which is why, we will be listing best microwave oven utensils

Best Utensils For Microwave Oven

1st Place
Borosil Glass Mixing Bowl By Borosil
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Best Value
Collision Multipurpose Bowl Set By Collision
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3 Femora Borosilicate Glass Storage Container By Femora
Check Price
4 Princeware Fresh Ven Bowl By Princeware
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5 H Hy-Tec (Device) Microwave Safe Bowl By H Hy-Tec (Device)
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Top 10 Best Utensils For Microwave In India

1. Borosil Glass Mixing Bowl

“BOROSIL PERFORMS BEAUTIFULLY”. With the motto, the company assures to cater to all your serving needs. The mixing bowl is made of borosilicate glass and guarantees to withstand temperature up to 3000℃.

These are transparent and beautifully carved pieces that fit well to any kitchenette. They are flat bottomed microwave-safe utensils and possess non-porous surfaces. The bowl guarantees to withstand temperature extremities. This means the bowl can go directly from the freezer into the microwave!

It is made with 100% borosilicate glass, which is tougher than ordinary glass. Borosil mixing bowl is the safest option to go for as it does not leach chemicals in food, unlike plastic and ordinary glass bowls, even after repetitive uses.


  • Can Withstand Extreme Temperature
  • Scratch-Free Glass
  • Food Safe Bowl
  • Microwave Safe


  • No Lids

2. Collision Multipurpose Bowl Set

The Collision Multipurpose Bowl Set is high on function, quality, design and positioned at cost-effective rates to suit the requirements of the consumers. The product is carved with an ultra-high mirror, finished with a glossy touch to give it an incredible look.

It is a beautiful square-shaped serving bowl set. It can also function as a cake baking pan (You can check the best OTG Oven for baking), resulting in a beautiful square shape cake. The shape of the container gives it an edge over other products in the market.

The dishes are to be washed lightly using a dishwasher, but scrubbing it would emboss scratches on the glass. The product is microwave safe as well as freezer safe! It is a great choice to opt for in case of storing and cooking food.


  • Multipurpose
  • Quality Plastic
  • Heat Trapping
  • Microwave Safe


  • No Scrubber
  • No Glass

3. Femora Borosilicate Glass Storage Container

Femora is a brand famous for its microwave cooking accessories. The glass storage container is single pot cookware in which one can cook, serve and store. It is an “all-purpose” container.

The tough finished borosilicate glass is microwave safe, oven-proof, freezable as well as leakage proof. Only to add to the beauty, the bowls are available with tight locking lids that contain glass vents.

The lids are made using PP plastic which does not allow them to leach chemicals. Femora offer a 1-year doorstep replacement warranty along with 3 years replacement of the air vent of the lid.

The round bowls designed with flat bottoms are completely BPA and BPS free. The borosilicate bowls are break and chip resistant.

(P.S.: The Lids Are Not Microwave Safe and Dishwasher Safe)


  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe


  • Not Scratch Proof
  • Expensive

4. Princeware Fresh Ven Bowl

Princeware is a renowned brand in over 60 countries in the world! Almost every second home comprises their products. Their main goal is to enhance and organize a simpler life. This multipurpose storage container acts as a storehouse for pulses, masalas and also cookies!

The Princeware Fresh Ven bowls are crafted with 100% food-grade plastic. The airtight lids prevent moisture from accumulating into the container. Hence, keeping the food fresh and safe.

The container is microwave safe as well as freezable. A mild soap solution with water is easy as well as convenient, thus saving on time. The high-quality plastic prevents scratches and breakage.


  • Microwave Safe
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Easy Handling
  • Dishwasher Safe


  • Imbibe The Colour And Odour Of Food

5. H Hy-Tec (Device) Microwave Safe Bowl

H Hy-Tec helps you to build a livelier home with their smart and reliable products. The bowl is beautifully designed to heat, refrigerate and store food, adding a multipurpose factor. The bowls are made from ‘stainless steel’. Yes! You read it right!

H Hy-Tec has bomb shelled the industry with its new innovative design. The coating on each of the bowls gives them a break; hence making them microwave safe. The brand guarantees quality products that cater to the health and safety of the consumer.

The packaging of the product meets international quality standards. It is India’s first stainless steel microwave safe utensil.


  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Multipurpose


  • Not Stain Proof And Odour Friendly

6. Treo Borosilicate Microwave Bowl

Treo crafts the mixing bowls using good quality borosilicate glass. The bowls are round and flat bottomed which prevent them from toppling. Due to its unique glass finish, the bowls are microwave safe.

The non-porous and scratch resistant finish, make it a durable product. The transparent finish of the bowl makes it look elegant in any cookhouse!


  • High-Quality Glass
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Scratch Resistant


  • Quality Defects

7. Parasnath Microwave Safe Bowl

Parasnath is a company established 4 years ago intending to design innovative houseware at affordable prices. The bowls are designed for a cosmopolitan lifestyle, with a mirror-finished interior and dishwasher safe facility.

This multipurpose bowl is designed elegantly to give your dining area an extravagant look. The premium quality bowls prevent leaching of harmful chemicals. To add to it, the bowls are unbreakable and can be easily cleaned using a dishwasher.

They are undoubted, one of the best microwave utensils in the industry. The creatively designed bowls are travelled as well as camping friendly; being lightweight.


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Airtight
  • Microwave Safe


  • A Bit Expensive
  • Not Suitable with Convection Mode
  • Lids Are Not Microwave Friendly

8. Borosil Glass Casserole Microwave Safe Bowl

Borosil; best known for high quality and supreme performance, designs beautifully crafted products that set high manufacturing standards in the industry.

Made with borosilicate glass, the bowl can withstand a temperature up to 350℃. It is a well-crafted glass bowl for microwave cooking. Strikingly beautiful in every kitchen setting; this piece simply grabs many eyeballs. The perfect finished glass does not turn cloudy with time, thus retaining 100% clarity.

It does not leach chemicals inside the container, keeping away all safety hazards. The product is designed using non-porous glass, that does not absorb odours and stains. The glass lids are sturdy as well as stylish, giving a sophisticated look to your table setting.


  • Microwave Safe
  • Good Quality
  • Sturdy
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Affordable


  • No Cons Found

9. Signoraware Microwave Cooker Set

Signoware masters in producing microwave-safe products. The company has designed and developed its product using the latest technology, their competitive strategies and computerized designs have helped them earn their position in the industry.

Convection cooking is time-consuming, agreed. But traditional cooking has its flavour. But if you want to save on time, then opting for Signora ware’s microwave safe cooker is a perfect choice.

The cooker is microwave friendly utensils and also unbreakable. It is made with virgin food-grade plastic. It comprises of 3 litres cooker body, 3 pieces Idli stand, 1 steam adjusting knob, 1 steam hole socket, 1 steam plate, 1 main lid and 1 steamer basket.


  • Microwave Safe
  • Unbreakable
  • Material-Polypropylene


  • Imbibe Stains and Odor Of Food

10. Tupperware Crystal Wave

Tupperware is a renowned brand which has gained a place for itself in Indian households. Tupperware is mainly known for its kitchenware products. One of the most selling products of the brand is its microwave-safe containers.

The product has been designed with the latest injection moulding technology, which enhances its durability and resiliency. The lightweight container weighs 222g. It is designed with high-quality plastic which resists leaching of chemicals into the container.

The container comprises a steam vent, which creates a hissing sound when food is being prepared. The plus point of the product is that it can also be used as a ‘tiffin box’ due to its creative design.


  • Lightweight
  • Appealing
  • Made Of Food Grade Plastic


  • Steam Vent Is Non-Detachable

Best Utensils For Microwave Oven In India- Buying Guide

Factors to consider before buying best microwave safe utensils

With the majority of the population choosing to shop online, a buying guide is a tool that can help customers make a wise purchasing decision. A buying guide works by simplifying the purchasing process, providing all the essential information. A buying guide must be easy to read and navigate; it should guide the customer as if they were experiencing it for real.

1. Microwave Safe

Microwave Safe Utensils

Always look for a symbol or a description on the container. Try out all the steps to check whether the container is safe to use in the microwave. Microwave utensils with embossed symbols or description tags distinguish between ordinary and microwave safe vessels. Avoid the use of utensils that are unfriendly to microwaves, as it can lead to melting of the container or even burn the container.

2. Material

Microwave safe utensils scope has widened in the market. Variants of the products are available in different materials. The stylish finish and easy handling containers are designed specifically for cooking purposes. Listed below are the materials being used to manufacture microwave containers:

a. Glass

Glass vessels with silver and golden lining should not be used in microwaves. They can cause spark leading to unavoidable damage. A point to be noted is that glass vessels must not be heated immediately after taking out from the refrigerator. Sudden and extreme temperature changes may result in the breaking of the glass.

b. Plastic

‘Microwave friendly containers can be plastic, but all plastic containers cannot be microwave friendly’ ughh!! Isn’t this confusing?! Let me explain, plastic containers with a symbol or a tag embossed on them are identified as microwave-safe containers. Buying a food-grade plastic container is the best to go to choose to opt for. Use of soft material plastic containers or ones with a metallic lining is unsafe and hence, must be avoided.

c. Ceramic

Use of ceramic is still a debatable topic, wherein some experts suggest it to be safe while some straight away deny its use. Since ceramic is heat-sensitive, it can cause an accident. For further satisfaction, go through the user manual guide of the microwave once. If the use of ceramic vessels is permitted, give it a green signal.

d. Silicon

Silicon is a non-stick material which is used as bakeware. But the use of this material is still suspicious. Experts, therefore, recommend using silicon at low temperatures. Use of cheap quality silicon can cause leaching of hazardous chemicals in the food. Therefore, good quality silicone moulds and containers, free from all additives must be used.

3. Capacity and Size

Microwave Oven Utensils Capacity and Size

The containers or bowls should be sufficient enough to store food for reheating. Opting for a set ranging between 500ml and 1500ml is the best choice. But, selecting a container keeping in mind, your requirements are a better option. A container too big or a one too small would only be pure wastage of money. Hence, size and capacity are important factors to keep in mind while buying a microwave-safe container.

4. Other Features

The distinction between the terms, benefits and features is an important concept in developing and marketing a product or service. Features are characteristics that your product or service does or has. For example, some microwave ovens include features such as self-cleaning, smooth stovetops, warming bins, or convection capabilities. Features always matter because they provide your customers with hints about how well your product or service will deliver its benefits.

5. Temperature Resistance

Heat resistance and mechanical strength are essential physical properties for polymer containers utilized in microwave ovens. Polymer containers must withstand temperatures up to 230 ° C for microwave ovens and up to 400℉ for dual oven applications. Additionally, the containers should be sturdy, rigid in shape, and capable of supporting its contents before and after heating within the microwave.

6. Budget

People often take a step back after reading the MRP of the product. But our health should come before our wealth. Buying budget-friendly microwave ovens may help to a great extent, but buying faulty, underrated products by risking our health might result in much greater expenditure later! Hence, it is important to stay wise while purchasing over expensive as well as cheap microwave ovens.

How to Determine If A Container Is Microwave Safe?

Using a microwave is a boon to cooking! But there are also a few precautions to be taken while reheating the leftovers or while cooking food. Here are a few steps to be noted while distinguishing between microwave-safe containers and the normal ones.

Step 1: Check the Bottom of The Container for a Symbol

Microwave Safe Utensils

Wiggly lines are an indication that your container is microwave safe. This symbol can differ, sometimes depicted as an image of a microwave, or sometimes a vessel with radiation waves, but the wiggly lines remain constant. These lines mean you can reheat the utensil with ease.

Step 2: Place the Bowl in Microwave

You can try this with any container, whether it’s a mug, plate, or storage container that does not have a tag that says ‘microwave-safe’. Fill the container with water to about an inch or halfway up to its sides. This is the best way to determine microwave safe utensils.

Step 3: Heat It Up

Microwave Safe Utensils Heating

Place the container filled with water into the microwave at high-temperature setting. Set the timer approximately 30 seconds to one minute.

Step 4: Test the Heat

Once done, touch and feel the container. If the water is hot, but so is the container; then the container is not safe to use. If the water is hot, but the container above the waterline is cool or not as hot as the water, then the container is microwave friendly!


Our health is our wealth. It is our foremost priority. Therefore, it should never be neglected at any cost. Buying products that cater to our health should be our first preference. Since safety factors cannot be overruled, From our list of best utensils for microwave cooking we would suggest to go for Borosil containers as they are most trusted ones. You can even go for Prince ware Fresh Ven Bowl if you are hunting for a pocket-friendly product.


1. What type of utensils must be used in the microwave for baking cake?

Glassware or Silicon material utensils must be used for baking. The ones with symbols or tags describing it as microwave safe. These materials do not overheat and are non-stick, proving to be the best microwave-safe container for baking.

2. What happens if you microwave a non-microwavable bowl?

Using containers that are unsafe or non-microwave bowls can lead to hazardous circumstances. It may result in a spark or may blast the microwave if it hits the magnetron tube. For further guidance, scroll through our article.

3. Are all glass utensils microwave safe?

No, all-glass utensils are not microwaved safely. Only the ones with a specific wiggly symbol or a safety tag can be used for the purpose.

4. Can aluminium utensils be used in the microwave?

Metal cookware must be avoided as it may not allow the waves to penetrate, thus leaving the food uncooked. Unless the vessel is designed for that purpose, it must not be used.

5. Can steel utensils be used in the microwave?

Ordinary dinner plates and cutlery must not be used in the microwave as they do not support the machine. Use of such material can lead to accidents and mishaps, causing death or severe injuries.

6. Is acrylic safe if put in the microwave?

Acrylic canisters are good when used for storage purposes. Using acrylic for heating is not recommended though it can resist temperature up to 95℃. Using it may prove to be dangerous as it cannot withstand extreme temperature.

7. Is microwave-safe plastic safe for use?

Depending on the type of plastic being used, it may or may not release chemicals and additives in the food. The plastic containers with an ISI mark or the ones meeting quality standards must be used.

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