Best Electric Tandoors In India 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Electric Tandoor in India

Do you enjoy social gatherings? What’s the most loved thing about such gatherings? It’s Fooood!! Grilling, frying, roasting…yummy! Though it sounds tempting, it is tiring. So, another technological advancement that can make this process easier is the Electric Tandoor. No coal! No mess! Just plugin and enjoy! The best part about the electric tandoor oven is that it can even turn a novice into a Master Chef.

With the motto ‘Nochip chip No jhik jhik’ (*oil-free, non-stick), all your lip-smacking delicious dishes are now just a “switch” away! All you need to do is, opt for a perfect electric tandoor that fits your budget, maintenance, and bestows quality food without any chivvy and inconvenience. 

Be it an electric tandoor for roti that you’re looking for or other lip-smacking delicacies that you might wanna try, this guide features the best electric tandoors for home.

You might have now had a thought on how to use electric tandoor at home? Right?! Since we’ve tempted you enough, ‘sizzle up’ and scroll through our overarching buying guide and know the best electric tandoor review towards the end!

10 Best Electric Tandoor Of 2023

The electric tandoor, as the name implies, runs on electricity and consists of a square-shaped metallic box with a sliding tray. It can be used to make a wide variety of tandoori parathas, kebabs, Indian bread, and pizzas.

On the other hand, with so many possibilities on the market, deciding which model to buy for your kitchen might be difficult. Don’t be concerned! We’ve got you covered with an exclusive line-up of the top 7 electric tandoors on the market, each with its own set of features, pros, and cons.

1. Glen (SA5014) 1100 Watt Electric Tandoor 

Glen had a major role in modernizing Indian cooking in various ways, thanks to its enticing products and unique qualities. Glen Electric Tandoor results from research and the use of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

To make the device entirely rust-proof, it was given a matt surface of stainless steel, which included all of the screws.

It comes with a viewing window so you can keep an eye on your cuisine as it cooks. It has a cool-touch handle that allows you to carry the tandoor without burning your hands. It also contains a four-position selector knob for controlling the tandoor’s functioning. 

 A sliding tray made of aluminum is located within the tandoor. A wire rack for grilling is located above the tray and helps you handle smaller pieces. The sliding tray below collects all of the necessary drippings. The device is 5 kg in weight and uses only 1100 watts of power.

It has energy-efficient heating elements, making it a market-leading tandoor. This astute electric tandoor is designed to accord well with your kitchenette. Designed with energy-efficient elements, it allows instant cooking without radiating heat in the surroundings.

So, grab this super-affordable electric tandoor without thinking twice and vanish into the delicious zest of tandoori and grilled appetizer.


  • It looks modern and elegant.
  • Cool-touch handle and a see-through window.
  • It saves energy by using fewer watts (1180 watts).
  • Heating elements that use less energy
  • A stainless steel body with a matte finish


  • Quite frequently, the indicator light fails

2. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor (Big Size)

The next item on the list is a heavy-duty, well-built electric tandoor. With twin heating layers, the tiny chef electric tandoor boasts a promising design and delivery.

The mini chef electric is great for medium to large families since it is perfectly constructed to burn enough to cook enough. It can prepare vegetables, meat, and other foods.

The opening tray’s rectangular toughened glass allows you to see the food while it’s being prepared within. The tandoor may also be used as a baking oven for biscuits and other tiny batter-based meals, thanks to the complimentary heat-resistant cloth that comes with the gadget. The device’s heating plate allows you to reheat and warm dishes like pizza and biscuits, among other things.

As powerful as the device is, it consumes the same amount of power. It consumes around 2000 watts of power in total, making it the most energy-consuming item on the market today.
Because of the kanthal heating element (imported from Germany), it has received a lot of excellent feedback on the device’s lifetime.


  • Aluminium-coated nonstick heating plates with a bulky and sturdy body
  • Food can be reheated on the top side of the heating plate.
  • A Baking Magic Cloth and a Cookbook


  • Power usage is 2000 watts.
  • There is no barbecue or Seekh provided for grilling.

3. Wellberg Iron 2 In 1 Electric Tandoor

A very simple and compact tandoor, which promises ‘6 gifts with every purchase.’ As mentioned, it is a single 2 in 1 electric tandoor oven. You can cook inside the Wellberg Electric Tandoor and over it too. Ugh… isn’t this too much to handle?

The device is small and compact, hence a convenient model to use for parties. You can also place it in one corner of the kitchen without disturbing the look of the cookhouse. The handle of the grill is a simple door-style handle.

This electric barbecue grill and tandoor is Non-Ergonomic but pretty convenient. Use it to grill a fish, fry a chicken, roast mutton, cook legs, bake biscuits, and a pizza too! One of the six gifts mentioned earlier are the Heat Mitten (uni-handed), two pairs of skewers and a gauge grill, a recipe book, a non-stick magic cloth, and a pizza cutter (to cut not just a pizza but also biscuits and muffins and tandoor cakes too). Wellberg Electric Tandoor for home comprises a two-year manufacturer warranty for the nichrome device in the tandoor.


  • 6 Gifts Provided
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Compactly Designed


  • Consumes 1500 Watts

4. B.N. Brights Electric Tandoor

The tandoor is designed with a sturdy body and paired with insulated rubber legs. The rubber legs are ergonomic and may be placed on any flat table-like surface, coupled with the superbly insulated handlebars for you to hold around the tandoor.

Owing to the ‘not so heavy body,’ the tandoor can be named as a compact device. The B.N. Brights electric tandoor works fine for small to medium populated families.

With the tandoor, you receive a hand mitten glove, a cookbook, a grill, four skewers, a fascinating fabric piece that helps in baking, and is also accompanied with a pizza cutter.

With a comfortable handle, the closing door of the tandoor has a rectangular toughened glass enabling you to take a glance through sizzling savories inside. The non-stick tray attached to the door is ideal for cooking recipes, thus making cleaning easy.

The product consumes a massive 2000 watts of power which some may brand as a con. A 2 years manufacturer’s warranty is provided for the merchandise. It can be used for any malfunctions that may occur within the duration of its warranty life.


  • Properly Insulated
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Non-Stick Tray


  • 2000-Watt Power Consumption

5. Wellberg Electric Tandoor with Auxiliary Equipment

This electric tandoor is anti-shock and completely long-lasting thanks to its aluminum construction and toughened visible glass windows.

Enjoy stress-free dinner preparation on the go with healthy and delicious mushrooms, chicken, fish, or potatoes. It helps you roast tasty dishes in a healthful manner.

Without overcooking, you may defrost frozen foods and reheat fast cuisine. A pizza cutter and a nonstick layer are also included.

This tandoor is equipped with a stainless steel heating element with a life expectancy of more than ten years and is suitable for continuous use. Paneer tikka, chicken, tandoori roti, paratha, cake, muffins, aloo tikka, roti, and various other tandoori foods that require grilling roasting, toasting, and baking can be done with this product.

It comes with one grill and four skewers. A magical towel is provided to clean the tandoor. It’s non-sticky and easy to clean. It has a 2000-watt output. The body is shockproof and comes with extra attachments, including a safety element for heating. The Wellberg electric tandoor is small and attractive in appearance.Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 8 inches (length, breadth, and height).


  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Lightweight and portable,
  • Additional components are offered.


  • The power cable is compact and lightweight.

6. Smart Life Cast Iron Electric Tandoor

Yet another family-friendly forged iron electric tandoor is the Smart life electric tandoor. A compact, small-sized device. Ideal for internal use, this tandoor may be a welcome addition to your kitchen decor and also an appealing adaption to use for house parties.

Made out of forged iron, this electric tandoor can cook and assist you with tons of tandoori dishes, meat, and vegetarian.

Provided with an ergonomic handle and a non-stick aluminum plate, the electric tandoor oven comprises a toughened glass attached to the door, showing how the food is being tandoor or baked.

Additionally, it comes with a grill, four skewers, a magic cloth for baking(non-stick), and a pizza cutter. The rubber legs that are present alongside the fiber handles are ideal insulators. Apart from the certainty that it is a bit over expensive, it is rich in its way. The product accommodates a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for any malfunctions that may occur during the tenure of the warranty.

7. Small Electric Tandoor HOTBERG Upper and Lower On/Off System

It’s made with extra-safe heating components for a constant but perfectly controlled temperature.It comes with an aluminum tray for grilling, roasting, toasting, and baking. It’s the ideal partner for making delicious foods like paneer tikka, chicken, tandoori roti, paratha, cakes, muffins, aalu tikki, and roti.

A pizza cutter, a magic cloth, an aluminum tray, and a recipe book are included in the package. It has rubber legs and extra-safe heating elements and is entirely shockproof.

It weighs 5.2 kg and uses 1500 watts of power. Because the equipment is simple to use and clean, you can prepare any cuisine you want without worrying about spills. You can also get a magic towel, skewers, and a pair of gloves as add-ons.

Tubular components are installed. This electric tandoor is carefully designed with a 3 MODE heat controller to carefully cook your food correctly from top to bottom, so it is never over or under-heated.


  • It is simple to transport.
  • Shockproof and with additional heating components.
  • It’s simple to use and clean.
  • High durability


  • A warranty doesn’t back it.

8. HOTLIFE 1500W, 10 inch Electric Tandoor, Small and Stylish

This innovative HotLine device is well worth your consideration. It is quite reasonable and will not let you down once you have purchased it. It can be used as both a tandoor and a grill.

With this electric tandoor, you can grill paneer, chicken, and vegetables, bake pizza, and make chapattis. In the comfort of your own home, savor the deliciousness of tandoori cuisine.

With this wonderful tandoor, you can cook to perfection and indulge in the divinity of rich taste. This electric tandoor has a robust cast iron body that makes it long-lasting. It may also be used as a grill pan, a toaster, and an electric BBQ, in addition to a tandoor. This electric tandoor is huge, allowing you to prepare a good quantity of food in a short amount of time.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry and use.


  • It should be carefully used.


Do you want to make delicious pizzas at home that taste as they came from a hotel? The HOTBERG tiny electric tandoor, which also comes with a pizza cutter, is a good choice. It’s a smaller, lighter device that’s also one of the best electric tandoors for home use.

The shockproof body prevents any electrical mishaps, allowing the user to cook with confidence. With an aluminum tray, the product contains safe heating elements.

The product is both long-lasting and cost-effective. Aside from that, the package comes with a number of extras, including a grill, four skewers, gloves, and a pizza cutter. It comes with a recipe book that can help you learn new recipes.It is easily transportable because of its lightweight design. If you must move frequently, this is the greatest electric tandoor available online, and you should purchase it.


  • It has a lightweight design that makes it convenient to transport.
  • The item is both shockproof and safe.
  • It comes with a lot of accessories.


  • It has a smaller capacity and is not suitable for larger families.
  • Cooking takes extra time.

10. Brightberg Heavy Weight Electric Tandoor

This is a long electric tandoor with insulated rubber legs and a strong body. The rubber legs are comfortable to sit on and can be used on any flat tabletop. The device may also be carried thanks to the properly insulated grip bars. Tandoor might be described as a tiny gadget due to its lightweight body.

For a small-to-mid-sized family, the Brightberg electric tandoor is adequate. Similar to the Wellberg iron electric tandoor, you can acquire a variety of bonuses here.

A single-handed mitten glove, a cookbook, a grill, four seekhs, a magic baking towel, and a pizza cutter are among the items you will receive. The nonstick tray attached to the door is ideal for cooking any type of food and makes cleanup a breeze. You can not only prepare grill or tandoori items with this, but it also keeps you healthy due to all the non-oily cooking you do with it.


  • For optimum insulation, rubber legs and fiber grips are used.
  • nonstick tray
  • A cookbook, a mitten glove, a grill, four seekhs, a pizza cutter, and a magic baking cloth are included.
  • View food while it is being grilled or cooked through a toughened glass screen.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of one year


  • Its construction quality could be improved.
  • Its 2000-watt power usage could be reduced.

Best Electric Tandoor For Home Buying Guide

Features of The Best Electric Tandoors

Features define the capability of the product. Understanding the features of the product may help you in buying the best one; suitable for your needs. Gear up and scroll through to know more on this extravagantly amazing, smart and modernized: Electric Tandoor! Explore more on the exciting features of the product.

1. Temperature Gauge

It is an extension to the thermostat. The temperature gauge is usually inbuilt and permits users to know the temperature of the grill and also the food inside it. It allows you to know when the food is ready. For open electric tandoors, a temperature gauge might not seem important except for barbeque grills which have a canopy on them, a temperature gauge is vital. It helps you to know the stage of cooking at any point in time.

2. Thermostat

To control the temperature of the grill is an extremely important task in an electrical tandoor. An indoor thermostat allows one to regulate how blistering the temperature inside the tandoor is and how further it may increase.

A temperature-regulating setting in a thermostat assists you to vary whether the temperature of the grill is consistent with the dish you’re preparing. Here you ought to be trying to find not just a thermostat which has the very best setting but most significantly, you ought to be trying to find something that has more settings.

There are tons of latest models designed with smart technology available in the market which has over ten stages of temperature settings, while basic and budget models possess fewer setting availabilities. But counting on how often you cook, you’ve got to make the right decision on the grill.

3. Floating Hinge

When preparing thick or crusted food items like fish, pizza, chicken, beef or other wedged recipes, you would like to possess particular freedom of movement. This freedom will assist you in passing the savoury out and about the grill to maintain uniform grilling.

Make sure that the electric tandoor oven/ electric barbeque grill and tandoor you’re picking, features a floating hinge. A floating hinge aids with the free movement of food like leg pieces or pizza or anything as thick. This will aid within the uniform cooking of the food from all angles.

4. Opening Facility

Most of the fashionable day electric grills have a 180-degree opening of their cover. This allows easy access to every side of the tandoor. This feature is super helpful once you are cooking for an enormous crowd. Place and retrieve food easily from any comfortable side. Hence, the 180-degree opening feature makes your cleaning job of the grill much easier as compared to other electric tandoors in the market.

5. Grates and Cooking Trays

It is public knowledge that electric tandoors have separable grates and cooking trays. This makes it easier to withdraw and set back the food. To add to it, this feature also aids in a quicker cleaning of the tandoor once you’re done with the preparation.

Hunt for an electrical tandoor whose grates and cooking trays are much easier to get rid of and fix back easily. There is a couple of low budget and cheap tandoors with trays that are difficult to remove or are permanently fixed. This results in creating a lot of mess; in turn, making cleaning an impossible task. This can also lead to food poisoning. Hence, it is important to maintain cleanliness.

6. Oil Collection

A few high and complicated electric tandoors of great quality often accompany a selected groove under their main body. When you’re fat frying/grilling a certain food item, the surplus oil gets lodged there.

This brilliant and helpful feature aids in saving oil and prevents wastage. It also protects the table and the tablecloth underneath, from spoiling. Hence, this feature is a proven lifesaver for all the women out there!

7. Coated Internal Material

Preparing greasy, dough-based, oily or meaty items are often a touch of a multitude. The food adheres to the corners or the base of the utensils and thus makes it challenging to clean. Also, it often decreases the shelf value of the device and thereafter, the item.

In cases of electrical tandoors, you would like to make certain that the one you’re picking features a non -stick coating. This makes sure that none of the food particles sticks to the repository. And also makes it super easy for you to wash it up to post usage.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Electric Tandoor


  • The electric tandoor’s capabilities are not limited to the cuisine from which it gets its name. It may be used for almost anything, from defrosting to grilling, warming leftovers, to baking a pizza.
  • With an electric tandoor, you may enjoy healthier versions of your favorite foods and desires that are lower in fat and calories and have lost just a small quantity of nutrients throughout the cooking process.
  • An electric tandoor provides all of the benefits of a tandoor but none of the hassles or volatility. Depending on the brand and model, it is reasonably light, easy to clean, and provides a great deal of control.
  • Furthermore, they are environmentally acceptable.


  • Due to the small quantity, one roti must be inserted after the other.
  • It is only suitable for families with a small or medium size.
  • Heat is exclusively transported from the upper side, resulting in uneven temperature distribution.

How to Operate an Electric Tandoor

  • The electric tandoor should be preheated. To warm up the tray, place it in the center of the oven. To properly roast all sides of the rotisserie, it must be extremely hot.
  • Remove the tray from the oven, rapidly set the rolled-out rotis on it, and bake for 8–10 minutes in the center of the tandoor. The number of trays you can use at once is determined by the size of your tandoor and its heating performance.
  • Turn over and ensure that the second side is also cooked after the top looks cooked.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Electric Tandoor

1. Features

The first thing to understand is the requirements. To begin with: the size of the tandoor. Buy a tandoor that suits well to your needs. Identify whether you need a small family size tandoor, or your hunt is for an electric tandoor oven that is sufficient for a larger crowd. 

The one you pick must be inclusive of all the features you desire. And also to note; the product you opt for, must not just be inclusive of all the features, but should also fit in your budget. Hence, go for a tandoor that offers all the latest advancements with the best quality. 

2. Power Consumption

The power is proportional to the amount of time it takes to cook. For operation, electric tandoors come in a variety of watt power combinations. The majority of them have an output of 800 watts and can consume up to 1200 watts of power.

Keep in mind that the faster the food cooks, the higher the power consumption. Cooking food in large quantities requires significant power usage. However, keep in mind that it will increase your electricity bill.

I propose that you choose an electric tandoor with sufficient power and that, if you are okay with slow cooking, you purchase a low-consumption tandoor to save money on electricity.

3. Mechanics

What does one picture when someone mentions the word ‘barbeque’? Pretty sure you start imagining theDelicious, Tasty, Mouth-WateringMeat Pieces over the skewers being grilled. Yum but an electric tandoor machine is decisive on how you open it.

A few of those have a 180-degree opening style which makes it easier for you to handle the food inside. You can change or add more or technically possess easy freedom of movement with the food. Furthermore, it eases your burden while you’re cleaning the device after you’re done cooking in it.

Also, search a grill with a floating hinge. This is ideal, once you are cooking crusty dishes like pizza or meat and also food which asks for prolonged cooking.

4. Capacity And Portability

This refers to the amount of cooking the tandoor can handle. First, you need to conclude on how many people the tandoor will feed. Are you grilling for a small group or your neighbourhood for a party? In such cases, a little or medium-sized tandoor. It should be enough.

Typical tandoors are bulky and heavy. Electric grills are portable, and they are lightweight and easy in functioning. But then there are tons of brands which may be heavy and hulking sometimes.

Best of the simplest electric tandoors are light in weight. Search for an electric tandoor that is light in weight and can be portable, i.e. you can port it wherever you want to.

5. Ease of Use

Electric tandoors do not judge you based on your skills. They don’t expect you to be master chefs at cooking, but in turn, help you with becoming one! Irrespective of asking you to be a master chef, the electric tandoor oven, is easy to function. This helps you to become the best griller in town just one instance!

Hence, this also becomes a feature to look upon while buying the best tandoor for your cookhouse/backyard. Choosing a tandoor which is ergonomically comfortable and easy to function (without getting us trapped in numerous settings) is the best one to go.

6. Maintenance

Electric tandoors can help you to attain the title of the ‘best party host‘ position in your social circle. It is very easy to throw a lavish party and attain this title. But what about the after-party? I mean what about the endless stack of utensils and the unending laving regimen? To ease your burdens, most tandoors are equipped with detachable grills and trays to make cleaning easier.

So, opt for tandoors with detachable parts and stain-resistant surfaces (e.g. stainless steel). Maintenance is an important feature that has to be considered while buying an electric tandoor or for that matter, any product.

Along with the budget and the size of the tandoor, the maintenance chunk equally plays an important part while purchasing one! The tandoor must be easy to clean and easy to maintain. 

7. Warranty

Not the least important. Electric Barbeque Grill and Tandoor are big and big-budget affairs. They tend to function for hours when used. Hence, it’s important that the device that you simply are choosing to shop for features good years of manufacturer’s warranty.

Any typical good barbeque grill accommodates a few year’s worth’s of manufacturer’s warranty period. Good brands go beyond that. You have to settle on an excellent product that assures a good warranty. Else they could offer the moon, but the merchandise dies on the launch pad.

A product warranty insures you for any damage and defects regardless of when the issue emerges months after you’ve purchased the item. If you prefer playing it safe, then give a green signal for an electric tandoor that offers a longer warranty period.

8. Budget

People often forget that our health is as essential as our wealth. Buying budget-friendly electric tandoors may help to a considerable extent, but opting for faulty and undervalued products by endangering our health might outcome in a much bigger expense later!

Hence, it is important to act wisely while purchasing over expensive as well as cheap electric tandoors. Always go for trusted and popular brands. It is less likely to be duped by well-known brands, and they provide you with good customer support.

If you’re unaware of whether a specific barbeque grill company is the best one or not so good choice, you’ll always go check out their reviews and ratings. Beware and shop smart! 


Electric tandoors are more complicated than most people realize. Some tandoors are built for specialized cooking methods, such as oil-free cooking with electric tandoors. By the way, an electric tandoor can also be used for other types of cooking.

We wouldn’t advise consuming fast food in large quantities. Electric tandoors are great for oil-free cooking but eat nothing but fried food all day long. Electric tandoors are a great way to cook without using any oil. With an electric tandoor, you can satisfy your tandoor desires while staying healthy!

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