Best Cold Press Juicers In India 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Cold Press Juicers in India

If you are among those with a gym membership or someone who is trying to lose weight at home, it is probably hard to think of a day without healthy juices. Fitness freaks include juices in their diet and the reason is obvious. Juices, whether vegetable or fruit, are loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins which is an instant immunity booster.

It is believed that home-made juices are the best suited for consumption and cold-pressed juicers are a top priority for most of the people. This detailed buyers guide will enlighten you about the best cold press juicer in India.

While all this sounds too convincing to purchase a juicer still an image instantly flashes of dust covered small appliance sitting idle in your kitchen. Yes this actually happens, and the reason is quite obvious, the juicer fails to impress you to use it. This guide will make sure that you use juicer regularly and that too with ease.

Now, the question remains why one should bother to purchase a cold press juicer when a plethora of tetra packed juices are available in the market? In fact, studies have proved that tetra packed juices are unhealthy and cannot provide you with many benefits.

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Best Cold Press/Slow Juicers in India 2023

Bottom Line
Kuwings cold press whole juicer contains a wide feeding tube which cuts down on the effort of chopping fruits, vegetables. It is easy to clean and maintains the quality and nutrition values of juice.
Wide feeding tube which cuts down on the effort of chopping fruits, vegetables, etc.
Easy cleaning with the help of the cleaning tool.
Doesn’t have a pulp controller
Wattage: 240 W
Materials: Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC
Capacity: 400ml
Speed: 50 RPM
Item Weight: 9.61 Kg

Hestia Nutripress juicer equipped with cold press technology squeezes 40% more juice and 60% more nutrients out of fruits and vegetables. It can be cleaned in 1 minute by pouring 300ml of water.
 It comes with a wide chute that can allow you to enter a complete fruit, say apple or orange.
It is comparatively budget friendly and provides all features in the price.
Cleaning process can be troublesome as the pulp doesn’t come out easily.
Wattage: 240 W
Materials: Ultem
Capacity: 300ml
Speed: 46 RPM
Item Weight: 7.5 Kg
Bosh juicer delivers juice with less noise with its low 60 rpm and 150w power motor. It has controls to adjust the amount of pulp you want in your juice or smoothie. It comes with 3 filter for various juicing needs.
Gentle squeezing technology
Three different filters for juices, smoothies, and sorbets

Cleaning is a little difficult
Wattage: 150 W
Materials: Plastic, Stainless Steel
Capacity: 1.3L
Speed: 60 RPM
Item Weight: 4.9 Kg

1. Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings best cold press juicer in india
Best Cold Press Slow Juicer
Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

This sturdy, smart yet stylish juicer is the best fit for your daily juicing requirements. Hold your breath as this juicer is capable of even extracting juices from the nuts such as almonds.

The sleek design adds to the beauty of your kitchen; it comes with the added advantage of making smoothies and ice creams (as a separate buy). And guess what, it is perfectly convenient as the feeding tube can take up a whole apple or pear in it. It is elegant enough to be able to control noise levels; it operates silently without disturbing others in the house.

  • Wide feeding tube which cuts down on the effort of chopping fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Easy cleaning with the help of the cleaning tool.
  • Warranty of 10 years
  • Safety lock system
  • Slow masticating extraction extends the life and originality of the juice.
  • Made up of BPA free plastic
  • Doesn’t have a pulp controller
  • Pulp is moist
  • Comparatively high on price

Kuvings didn’t overlook the safety features; it comes with a safety lock at the lid and drum and will only start operating after ensuring the lock is intact. The assembly is detachable easily for providing a convenient washing and cleaning experience.

The smart tap is yet another attractive feature which lets you experiment mixing juices of two or more different items. The package comes with juicer bowl, lid, auger, and juice strainer coupled with the juice and pulp jars.

Coming to the quality of the juice, this juicer impressed the customers by extracting tasty juices and maintaining the nutritional value, hand in hand. The power consumption is 240W which restricts the juice to get oxidized and thus, maintaining the nutritional value.

The froth ratio in the extracted juice is comparatively less and the seeds get filtered out while juicing out the fruits. Overall, this juicer has set standards in the Indian market among the best cold press juicers in India.

2. Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Hestia best cold press juicer
Best Budget Friendly Cold Press Juicer
Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Those who are looking for the best cold press juicer in India, Hestia Nutri Max will surely impress them with its features and stunning wine red color. Hestia, as the name goes is the true goddess of your kitchen. Hestia, in Greek mythology signified goddess of home and domesticity.

For all those who are switching from centrifugal juicers to cold press juicer and are skeptical about the choice, this is among the best option to fit in your budget. In contrast to its competitors like Phillips, etc. Hestia specializes in small kitchen appliances only, and is focused to cater to the best product in the same.

  • It comes with a wide chute that can allow you to enter a complete fruit, say apple or orange.
  • It is comparatively budget friendly and provides all features in the price.
  • The product is made up of spacecraft plastic which keeps the shelf life of the juices.
  • Good volume of extracted juices.
  • Cleaning process can be troublesome as the pulp doesn’t come out easily.

The extracted juices are thick enough and lack any possibility of the presence of air bubbles in it, thus, preventing it from further oxidizing. It comes with three attractive strainers- for fresh juices, smoothies, and gelatos. You will not be disappointed with the amount of juice extracted and that’s almost similar to the quantity of the fruit or veggie that you wish to extract.

An interesting feature of this juicer is the preloaded software programs that let you choose from the options which are best suitable for you. So, for all those who are bit confused and have newly begun to try their hands at cold press juicers, worry not, as this feature will lessen your burden on the same.

3. Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M Cold Press Slow Juicer

Bosch best cold press juicer
Best Cold Press Slow Juicer with Pulp Control use
Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M Cold Press Slow Juicer

If you are amongst those who love to experiment with the pulp level in your juices then this is the perfect match for you. Yes, Bosh Lifestyle juicer has an attractive feature of controlling the pulp level in the juices with the affordable price offered.

It is loaded with gentle squeezing technology and crushes almost anything that you put in it. This brand is known for quality home appliances products and has proven to be true to its name. To perform efficiently, the juicer is loaded with a robust 15 W motor with an operating speed of 65rpm.

  • Gentle squeezing technology
  • Three different filters for juices, smoothies, and sorbets
  • The powerful 150W motor
  • Unique mix control for deciding pulp level
  • Rubber rotation for self-cleaning
  • Cleaning is a little difficult
  • The product is a bit on the pricey side 

The noise level is low, exactly like the other competitors in the market and extracts even the toughest nuts available in the kitchen. Bosh gives a warranty of 2 years on this product and the package includes slow juicer body, container, and brush.

The appliance is convenient enough as the user doesn’t need to de-seed the fruits or chop them finely. The customer has an added advantage of mix controller to control the level of pulp, as mentioned earlier. The unit has 3 filters; coarse, fine, and sorbet for the various juicing needs of the user. Do not hesitate to experiment with the juicer as it is can perfectly manage a wide range of recipies including juices, smoothies, and sorbets.

4. Panasonic MJ-L500 Cold Press Slow Juicer

Best Versatile Cold Press slow Juicer
Panasonic MJ-L500 Cold Press Slow Juicer

If you have planned to purchase a cold press juicer, this sleek little juicer will surely grab your attention with the compact design that it offers at the most affordable price. Yes, Panasonic can undoubtedly be counted on as one of the best cold press juicer in India.

The appliance is super easy and user friendly in terms of assembling and disassembling The best part about this juicer is the size it comes in; you can even fit the whole juicer within the space of a jug.

  • Good amount of juices with less pulp
  • The versatile role of juicing fruits and making frozen desserts
  • Value for money
  • Sleek stylish design
  • Narrow feeding tube
  • Struggles to extract juices from a few vegetables and leaves

This small appliance has mastered in extracting foamless juices but restricts you to enter whole fruits in the feeding tube. Though, it can be ignored considering the price that Panasonic is offering the product for. It brilliantly turns out the frozen fruits and hard vegetables in smooth delicious juices in just a few seconds.

It extracts a good amount of juices with most of the fruits but might also struggle with a few such as tomatoes. The juicer excels in performance when it comes to making frozen desserts as these can be silky smooth and maintain the exact taste of the fruit. The juicer is versatile enough to even make jams and sorbets with the attachments.

As per the power consumption is concerned, it uses 150 W of power for the motor to operate. The noise level is average and the screw rotates comparatively slow with a speed of 40-45 RPM which is actually good to make sure that the nutrients are intact in the juices. The design has a well built screw and strainer which are sturdy as they are made up of tough plastic.

5. Kuvings Leather Finish Elite Whole Slow Juicer (EVO820)

Kuvings elite best cold press juicer
Best Latest Technology Cold Press Juicer
Kuvings Leather Finish Elite Whole Slow Juicer (EVO820)

This 3-in-1 multitasking juicer can undoubtedly be counted as one of the finest and best slow juicers in India. With its revolutionary design and wonderful performance, Kuvings has won many hearts in the Indian market.

This variant entered the market in the year 2018 and it is perfectly capable of playing multiple roles of blending, juicing and making sorbets as well. Though the price offer is pretty high, Kuvings has done justice with its performance.

  • Made up of food grade BPA plastic
  • Attachments such as ice cream and smoothie maker
  • Enables whole fruit loading
  • Improved efficiency auger for faster juicing experience
  • Multi-purpose to make juices, smoothies, and sorbets
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher friendly parts
  • Quite expensive
  • Warranty doesn’t include wear and tear of plastic parts 

Kuvings is the first brand to introduce the revolutionary design of wide mouthed feeding tube and has kept the same in this model as well. With a wide feeding chute of about 80 mm and upgraded auger for even faster juicing has taken the juicing experience to a whole new level.

Similar to its other models, it is capable of taking up the whole fruit or vegetable and can smoothly extract juice from the trickiest items things like wheatgrass. The idle time has also reduced to a mere 10 minutes after continuous use for around 30 minutes.

The package includes juicing bowl & lid, auger, filter and it includes the additional attachments such as smoothie & ice-cream attachments. It requires 240W power for motor operation and 50 RPM for extracting the yummiest juices. The safety feature makes sure to operate only if the lid is locked and assembly is complete. This is a masterpiece amongst the best slow juicer in India.

6. Havells Nutrisense 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer

Havells best cold press juicer
Best Silent Operation Cold Press Slow Juicer
Havells Nutrisense 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer

Gone are the days when we used to hand squeeze the oranges; the process has been replaced with best slow press juicers in India. Havells Nutrisense is one such juicer in this list and had made sure to set the standards high enough.

It is well equipped with the preloaded functions software displayed in a blue LED screen. The sleek design has redefined the style and looks of the best cold press juicer in India.

  • The super stylish look loaded with pre-installed programs and LED display
  • Affordable price for the semi-premium category features
  • Made up of 100% BPA free plastic
  • Magnetic safety lock
  • Low noise level of 60 db
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Hassle free cleaning
  • The extracts of citrus fruits may be bitter sometimes
  • Hard time in extracting out juices from the pulp

The natural motion minimizes to cut down on the nutritional content of the juices and keep the enzymes and health of the juices intact. It has a built-in strainer which eliminates the need of manually separating the fibers from the extracted juices. It also comes with an attachment to make delicious smoothies. You can extract out juices of your choice in a variety of ranges from fruits vegetables and even soy milk.

The product is almost mute when it comes to operating and needs 150 W power consumption. The lid comes with a safety magnetic lock feature and doesn’t allow the user to operate if found unlocked. It extracts juices really slow, around at a rotation speed of 47 rpm.

It has an interesting additional feature of 3 speed operations to gain the maximum yield of the juices. This juicer surely bags the title of most affordable yet well equipped among the best cold press juicer in India.

7. Philips Viva Collection Masticating Juicer HR1887/81

Philiphs viva best cold press juicer
Best Quick Clean Cold Press Juicer
Philips Viva Collection Masticating Juicer HR1887/81

Those who love purchasing popular brands, Philips Viva collection has no definition of a disappointment when it comes to them. The compact shape is best to fit and adding style quotient to your kitchen. The protruded wide mouthed feeding tube eases out the juicing experience further.

The transparent parts of the juicer quickly grab your attention as it allows you to see the juice extracting process easily. It is carved beautifully to gain exceptionally brilliant results when it comes to extracting juices from the leafy green vegetables such as spinach.

  • Affordable price
  • Anti-drip cap to avoid spillage
  • Good yield of near to 80% juice extraction
  • Hassle free cleaning
  • Compact size
  • Needs deseeding most of the fruits especially citrus fruits
  • Do not works well with hard food items

The froth ratio in the juice is negligible and works efficiently in juicing small fruits such as grapes and berries.Though it is capable of taking the whole fruit inside the feeding tube, it is recommended to slice them thinner in order to gain optimum results.

The removable parts are dishwasher friendly and are made up of food grade plastic. It also comes with a cap that can avoid spillage of drops from the juicer in order to avoid making the juicing experience messy.

This is an affordable machine which needs 150 W power consumption and comes with a 2-years warranty. This beauty is sure to impress you just like any other appliance from the brand.

8. Kent Cold Pressed Juicer

kent best cold press juicer
Best Durable Cold Press Juicer
Kent Cold Pressed Juicer

Kent adds on to the popular brands in best cold press juicer in India. It is armed with a rugged motor and a unique cup design which allows a superfast juicing experience. From juices to healthy milkshakes, this brand will surely not dissatisfy you provided the budget Kent is offering for its features.

The core value of this healthcare brand is to get the users an experience of a clean healthy living and the juicer has lived up to this belief. The body of the juicer is tough and retains more juice from the hard items such as beetroot and carrots, by slow squeezing technology

  • Unclogging pulp is easy with the reverse spinning feature
  • Budget friendly option among the best slow juicer in India
  • Tritan BPA-free parts
  • Good amount and texture of the extracted juices
  • Instances of jammed auger
  • Restricts the use of starchy fruits like mango, and banana.
  • Cleaning wire-mesh is difficult

The appliance is coupled with 2 different filters; fine-meshed filter for hard fruits and vegetables and wide-meshed filters for juicier and pulpier fruits and vegetables. It also enables the ease of clearing the blockage with the help of one of the coolest features, i.e., reverse motor action. A separate cleaning brush is also provided in the package. Surprisingly, this juicer can make tastier milkshakes as well.

The assembly and disassembly are super easy and the power consumption is 150W. It is made up of food friendly plastic and the noise level is moderately low. Overall, this package can be trusted, given the price offered.

9. Usha Nutripress (361S) Cold Press Slow Juicer

Usha cold press juicer
Best Cold Press Slow Juicer with Anti Spill Feature
Usha Nutripress (361S) Cold Press Slow Juicer

Yet another model of Usha has made its way to the best slow juicer in India as it is considered as a reliable brand. As promised in all the other models, Usha satisfies its customers with free home demo in selected cities to ensure the smooth installing and operating of the appliance.

It can extract juices from a wide range of items, be it hard vegetables or nuts and grain or even the stubborn wheat grass. The package contains the main unit, hopper, auger, juicing container and bowl, pulp container, and cleaning brush. It has two variants of filters; fine and coarse for a wide range of vegetables and pulpier fruits.

  • Hassle free cleaning
  • Safety locking system
  • Smart cap to avoid spillage
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Two different filters
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • Free home demo (only in selective cities)
  • Seeds might get stuck in the container

This juicer will surely give the optimal content out of the desired fruit or vegetable ,just like any other juicer, the juices will be cold pressed with a combination of taste and health. The parts are easy to assemble and disassemble with advanced features such as auto shut off and locking system.

The compact yet vibrant color and design is attractive to get attention quickly and adds to the beauty of your kitchen. It comes with a 5-year warranty on motor and 2 years on the body parts. It uses 200 W power and promises slow noise while juicing.

10. Usha Nutripress (362F) Cold Press Slow Juicer

Usha 362f best cold juicer
Best Cold Press Slow Juicer with 3 Filter Option
Usha Nutripress (362F) Cold Press Slow Juicer

When it comes to appliances, Usha is one of the most trusted brands in the Indian market, and the brand did full justice with its cold press juicer as well. In fact, those who are planning to purchase the product may also turn out to be lucky as Usha is providing a free home demo in selective cities.

The juicer is smartly armed to take care of your different juicing needs. It has 3 different filters: coarse, fine, and frozen dessert, to take care of your day-to-day temptation of juices.

  • Smart Cap allows you to experiment with mixing different juices.
  • Operating noise level is low
  • Three different filters to meet your juicing needs
  • Five years warranty on motor and 2 years on product
  • BPA free plastic parts
  • Wide mouthed feeding tube
  • Crushes seeds while extracting juices from citrus fruits.
  • Pulp isn’t bone dried and might need further rounds to extract remaining juices.
  • More attachments means more cleaning

From fruits to vegetables and even nuts and grains, this juicer is a sure shot to pass each juicing test that you would want to experiment with. The plastic auger is made up of BPA free plastic which retains the nutrients in the juices.

The filters allow maximum extraction of the respective items and gives you tastier juices with negligible residue left. It also comes with attachments for your frozen fruit dessert needs and will definitely not disappoint you on this front. It operates on 240W of electricity and 65 RPM rotating speed for extracting the tasty dose of your immunity booster.

The steel finish look is a sure shot decision to add instant glamorous touch to your kitchen. The main unit comes with an auger, a wide mouthed feeding tube, two different strainers and 3 filters of course. The price is slightly heavy on the pocket compared to other brands with almost the same specifications in the market.

11. Hurom HN Series 43 RPM Cold Press Slow Juicer

Hurom best cold presser juicer in india
Dishwasher Friendly Cold Press Juicer
Hurom HN Series 43 RPM Cold Press Slow Juicer

The Hurom HN series boasts as being the slowest cold press juicer with 43 rpm operating cycles; the slower the speed, the better the juicing experience. Not only that, it will be easy on your electricity consumption as well as it uses 150 W power consumption for its operation.

The stylish appliance has set many standards and maximum quantity of extracted juice is amongst them. It also consumes lesser time in juicing out the fruits and vegetables.

  • Helps you to deal with the tough items for juicing
  • Dishwasher friendly parts
  • Power consumption is low
  • Noise level is low
  • Large container size
  • Comes with 10 years of warranty on motor and 2 years on parts
  • Comparatively higher price
  • Narrow feeding tube

Overall, this juicer will not disappoint the buyers so if you are skeptical as the price is higher; do not worry as it justifies it completely. The juicer is compact to fit in perfectly in your kitchen while taking care of your juicing needs.

The auger has two wings which allow the juicer to extract juices slowly and perfectly and thus restricting any chance of oxidizing the juice. The juices are loaded with minerals and nutrients and the pulp is almost bone dry, leaving minimum wastage.

The juicing chamber has a good capacity of 8 liters and comes with a tap to avoid chances of spillage. ALthough the narrow feeding tube is for safety, it sometimes adds on to the trouble of making juices by further letting you chop the veggies and fruits.

Hurom HN series juicer comes with two variety of strainers: fine strainer for less pulpy fruits and coarse strainer for thick pulpy fruit. The product has safety sensors which will ensure to operate safely only when the proper assembly is complete. The parts of this juicer are dishwasher friendly and are 100% BPA free plastic material.

12. Wonderchef Cold Press 63152637 Press Juicer

Wonderchef best cold press juicer in india
Best High Yield and Portable Press Juicer
Wonderchef Cold Press 63152637 Press Juicer

This is the super handy slow press juicer in India as it weighs only 4 kg. The steel body will ensure a longer lasting user friendly experience. It is quite compact and a portable design which can be carried along to flaunt the beauty of this juicer.

The powerful AC motor operator ensures zero sound experience, adding to the benefits and ease of carrying it. The juices are pulpier giving the user a wonderful experience and added health benefits. It promises to double the yield of juices as compared to the conventional centrifugal juicers.

  • High yield of the juices
  • Two different filters
  • Easy cleaning
  • Light-weighted and portable
  • Five years warranty
  • Pretty expensive as compared to the features offered
  • Need for de-seeding the fruit

The cleaning experience is hassle free and it juices wide variants of fruits and vegetables without much effort and time involved.The unit includes following things: Juicer, 2 filters i.e. the coarse and fine strainer, 2 jars for juice and pulp, and a cleaning brush. It requires 200 W power and 43 rpm for extracting juices and comes with a warranty of 5 years on the product.

Best Cold Press Juicers In India – Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Cold Press Juicer In India

1. Type Of The Slow Juicer

Indeed, cold press juicers are further categorized into two different types to meet the different juicing requirement.

  • Vertical Masticating Juicer: These are compact juicers and come with a wide feeding chute to allow ease of use. Most of the models come with a cap which allows playing with mixing juices while minimizing any chance of spillage. These are comparatively costlier but are worth the price given the features they come with.
  • Horizontal Masticating Juicer: They are affordable yet loaded with features that a user would love to use. Most models come with the advantage of being hassle-free and are comparatively easy to clean than the vertical type. These are Ideal for leafy vegetables and come with additional attachments for various purposes.

2. Ease of Cleaning

Unlike grinders, juicers extract every drop of juice from the fruits and this involves a lot of masticating, crushing and pressing. This complicates the cleaning process as the wire mesh is filled with fine granules of the fruit or veggies. If you are amongst those who always struggle to manage time, go for the hassle-free cleaning product, probably with less number of attachments.

Dishwasher friendly parts will add up to the ease of cleaning. Tough cleaning is always a struggle for most of us which is one crucial reason we opt out of juicing regularly. Make sure your preferred juicer is easy to clean.

3. High Yield

Most of the conventional juicers are high-speed spinning rotators which turns the fruits into juices in lesser time. While on the other hand, slow juicers apply slow spinning, thus, reducing chances of oxidation. Less oxidation means more yield and nutritious juices.

For major health benefits, you must always opt for high yielding juicers while purchasing a juicer. Also, the juices should be pulpier, which is lacking feature in most of the conventional centrifugal juicers. The less wastage will add up to the efficiency of the juicer.

4. Speed

Compared with most of the centrifugal juicers which operate at a speed as high as 3000 to 15000 RPM, slow juicers apply relatively slower speed. The speed ranges from 40-70 RPM that allows slow masticating ensuring that the nutritional value is not affected by the speed of the blades.

Further, the slow juicers are also light on your electricity bills, consuming less power for the motor to operate. Depending on the performance of the motor, an idle cold press juicer uses up to 250 W of power which varies in different models.

5. Noise Level

Many of us struggle with the loud and noisy centrifugal juicers, especially if involved in longer juicing time. This can be one of the most annoying factors and thus, noise levels should be considered before purchasing the best cold press juicer in India. Those who have a compact kitchen, using a less noisy juicer will prevent you from getting a headache.

A typical and allowed noise level of the slow juicer is about 60 decibel which is easy on your ears. Choosing a juicer based on the sound level is imperative especially for a better morning routine which involves a healthy dose of juices without even disturbing others in the home.

6. Affordability

This is the only point where cold press juicers will rank less when compared to hand juicers or centrifugal juicers. The cold press juicer will be heavy on your pocket initially but turns out to cost-effective overall. Cold press juices are healthy and juicers consume less power which proves to be budget-friendly in the long run.

The constantly hiked electricity bills and medical bills will get cut down with a daily dose of cold press juices. This is how the actual pricing should be considered when buying a slow juicer.

7. Multitasking Roles

Most of the slow juicers offer a wide range of varieties to add magic to your juicing game. From smoothies to sorbets and even healthier juices, you name it. Conventional juicers miss out on the versatility of the juicing experience, thus, making it a boring experiment.

With most of the juicers in the market having the smart cap; mixing more than one juice is another role that most people love to experiment with. Some cold press juicers are also good with frozen desserts. While offering a wide range of roles, cold press juicers do not overlook on the health of the juices. Masticating juicers can also be used for extracting nut milk and processing butter as well.

8. Ease of Use

Ease of use can be obtained primarily with the help of unique design of the juicer, it includes-

  • Pulp Ejection: This is the toughest part of the juicing experience as it adds to the trouble of cleaning the pulp. While most of the cold press juicer comes with an advantage of pulp controller or even a sieve attached to the juicer container to sieve out the extra pulp. The pulp ejection system of the cold press juicers is beautifully designed to extract out the most of juice leaving a small amount of residue. The pulp can be easily collected by putting a pulp collection jar, or even a bowl.
  • Juice Collector: Considering the amount of juice you will be extracted in a day, you can select from the various options available. You can also go with the built-in juice collector if you require a small quantity ranging 1-2 glasses a day.
  • Feeding chute: The feeding chute of feeder allows you to put fruits and vegetables in the juicing system. Undoubtedly a wide-mouthed feeding tube must be considered to put in a whole fruit inside the juicer. While for a safety purpose, most people opt for a narrow feeding tube as to avoid getting their little ones from getting hurt. For the latter one, a pusher is further required so that the fruit doesn’t get stuck in the feeder.

9. Warranty

This is the most favored option of the users when it comes to purchasing any appliance. Although the warranty may be different for motors and body parts, the minimum warranty acceptable should be 2 years. Know the inclusions of the warranty such as if they are excluding wears and tears if any.

There are products with whopping warranty benefits of 5-10 years. The best brands will obviously provide a longer warranty but will also be on the higher side of the price range. Lack of warranty for products should be considered as weaker brands with poor services and performance.

10. Review & Rating

This is nothing new to the buyers of this generation as we always look for the star ratings and reviews of the products offered in the price range. Make sure never to overlook the genuine reviews of the product you are planning to purchase. Various e-commerce websites allow buyers to write expressive and genuine reviews.

11. Efficiency and Durability

When it comes to performance, go with the robust appliances that are capable of extracting the hard vegetables and well. The quality of the plastic used should be as per the standards if the food grade should be Bisphenol A (BPA) free. BPA is a chemical which is used to make bottles and is considered to be unhealthy. This is the most overlooked feature when considering buying a juicer.

12. Availability of Spare Parts

For this purpose, the popular Indian brands are prioritized by most of the buyers, as finding the compatible spare part can be a struggle. Locate the nearest stores or dealers before you choose the juicer and talk to them to clarify your doubts on the availability of the spare parts.

While most of the 1 and 2 tier cities will not have any problem regarding this feature, the 3-tier cities will have a hard time in locating a dealer. So choose your product wisely and as per the availability.

13. After Sale Services

From maintenance to changing the filter or even struggling to get a broken part fixed, we all have gone through this phase of a purchase. It should be on the top of your priority list when choosing the best cold press juicer in India.

Prompt replies and immediately solving your problems effectively is what you must look for. There are few brands which do their job very professionally, leaving less or no complaints from the users. Choose the brands that prefer and value your feedback and probably have an AMC for the product.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Juices

If we go by the name, we would understand that cold-pressed juices are made by masticating the vegetables or fruits. Slow press juicer uses a technique of hydraulic press which is quite different from the conventional centrifugal juicers. We have listed down some of the benefits of cold pressed juices over the juices extracted from the centrifugal juicers.

1. Nutritional Value

There’s a reason why we choose to go organic right? Same goes with cold pressed juices; the nutritional value is intact as slow masticating means extracting juices without changing its properties. In contrast, the centrifugal juicers use blades and heat which results in losing the enzymes and nutritional content of the juices.

It is believed that heat generated from the centrifugal force cuts down the vitamin C content of the juice, which is supposed to be sensitive to heat. Adding to it is the rapid oxidation of juices which occurs because of the high spinning technique. This factor also gets cuts down in cold press juicers adding to the health and shelf life of the juice.

2. High in Concentration

The juicing yield is quite high of cold press juicers and a good amount of pulp is always a good choice. Not only that, the taste is pristine, giving you the feel of the exact fruit or veggie. The low RPM applied on the fruits makes sure to extract out the most from any edible put inside the juicer. Adding to the benefits, cold pressed juices also have fibers in it which will make it easy to maintain the daily fiber intake requirement for you.

3. Long Lasting

The living enzymes of the vegetables are not destroyed by the cold press technique while on the contrary; centrifugation technique will kill most of them. This results in further oxidation of the juices which is visible by the juice getting dark after 2 or 3 hours. The cold pressed juice will last longer, say about 72 hours, thus saving you from the hassle of extracting juice every day.

Though, the juices must be stored in refrigerators, preferably in a glass container. Also, these do not need any preservatives to store the juices for a longer duration. With no added sugar or preservatives, the freshness of the juices are intact. It is further advised to store these juices in a food grade plastic or glass container to maintain the health of the juice for a longer duration.

It’s a Wrap

With people becoming more health conscious, cold press juicers are making a way to the Indian market. Sure they are expensive but the price is nothing compared to the benefits of cold press juices extracted from the slow juicers. The end product is pocket friendly as you can restrict yourself from investing in the packed juices that are available in the market that burn a hole in your pocket.

It can further reduce the expense of most of the medicine as cold press juices are believed to reduce the effect of prolonged disease such as diabetes. The antioxidant properties flush out the toxins from your body and can instantly boost your immunity resulting in further improving your stamina. The freshly extracted juices can also help in reducing stress and keep you fresh throughout the day, especially during summers.

Investing in your health is never a bad idea and cold press juicers are a good start to start making your day healthy. The easy cleaning options available in most of the products listed above will enhance your juicing experience. You can even try out mixing a variety of fruit juices with cold press juicers and can easily convince your fussy eater younger ones to get more nutritious diets.

The hassle free juicing which restricts you from chopping fruits and vegetables in most of the options will surely buy you extra minutes. It is hard to stick to the fitness regime with the busy lifestyle, slow juicers, in contrast to their name, will eliminate the need for juicing every day as you can store these extracted juices.

These top 12 best cold press juicers in India will quench your juicing needs with the most affordable and healthy juices. So, what are you waiting for? Go get indulged with the juicing experiments with your favorite cold press juicer.

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