Are you a cooking wizard? Do you have an elegant palate? Are you the master of your house kitchen? And, most importantly, do you enjoy to cook?!

If your answer to these questions is yes, and you’re thrilled and prepared to whip out your whisk, dish book and cam, then read all the instructions below to see what is required.


We’re looking for clear, focused photos that detail crucial steps in your recipe. Yes, images of the batter being stirred are fascinating; however, if your dish already requires gentle mixing, we probably don’t need to see its image. What we’re searching for is:

Pictures of the ingredients utilized.

Images of steps that can’t be effectively articulated through text. For example, an image of a lattice crust being set, a chiffonade cut on those basil leaves your incredible Pad Thai recipe requires, and the well in your dry ingredients before the wet ingredients have been included.

A clear photo of the final product. Cooking is an experience, and we want to be taken on a journey! Program us your dish from start to finish and, when it’s completed, wow us with your presentation! As the Master Chefs state, the discussion is crucial.

Remarkable, we know you get it. You’re already a food photography wizard, so let’s carry on to the post itself!



Present yourself and your recipe! You know you’re a leading chef; we understand it, so now it’s simply a matter of letting the world know. Tell us what you’re making, what’s inside, why this recipe is so unique to you, and most notably, don’t hesitate to be yourself!


Note all of the ingredients you will utilize and, if there are brand names you prefer utilizing, let us understand! Note the appropriate measurements of each ingredient used and the order in which they are utilized. Likewise, if you have any alternatives or recommendations, do not be afraid to write them down! The more details, the better!


Note every one of your actions plainly and succinctly. Some of our readers are simply entering home cooking, so please attempt and make your recipe as easy to understand as possible. That stated if you’re not the Ernest Hemingway kind of author, no concerns. That’s where we are available.

As soon as you’ve completed noting your components and recipe, end your post with a blurb you feel summarize the procedure and engages our readers. (Quick Pointer: When we write our posts, we like to pretend we’re on a Food Network program and are speaking with the camera.

If you are interested, you can contact us through our contact us page and we will get back to you.